Stop 0: Kroger for beer. Stop 0? Because I hadn’t climbed onto the roundabout at this point. I was putting my work laptop to bed for the duration. Timesheets and Outlook away message. Oh, and putting on some eye make-up, which I have worn maybe five times since about April.

Stop 1: Plum Market to give our beach urchin her new iPhone with its restored backup from the GG’s computer. Purchased yesterday and dropped off at the Landfill at 0-skunk-30 this morning for the restore.

Stop 2: yule logs to the Planet Ann Arbor House of Porterization. Fire wood is impossible to get this year. Who knows why? You can’t use it to, uh, wipe and it doesn’t disinfect anything, in fact sometimes it brings vermin (aka bats) into the house. Yes really. We ordered wood waaaaay early, like August, and managed to snag some.

Stop 3: Detroit to exchange gifts with our other beach urchin, everyone masked. GG snooped around as always and absconded with a book. Quite a bit of “not all of your gifts have arrived yet” on both sides. ’tis the 2020 season 🐽

Stop 4: Flint to deliver a gift (and beer, Bud, from Kroger) to FlaMan. Gift? Mini-drone. We’re wondering how long it’ll take him to crash it into the ceiling🐽 It’s okay. He’s our brother and we love him *anyway*🧡🧡🧡

Stop 5: Hooooommmmme.

Oh man, the GG’s mood at the beginning of the roundabout? Twitchy as all get out. I finally said something like, “If you don’t settle down the impatient driving style and quit fidgeting, just take me home.” It reminded me of the day we dropped our first beach urchin off at college. He just wouldn’t settle down and *she* finally took me aside and said, “Can you get dad to settle down?” (She remembers this to this very day.) You’d’ve thought it was *his* first day at college. Except not. His parents didn’t drop him off at college. They said something like, “You’re just going to college. We’re going to Houghton Lake.” Fifth out of 10 kids… It’s okay. His high school girlfriend drove him.

Shortly after we got home, I heard the distinctive sound of a beer can (Two-Hearted, from Plum) being opened and maybe a half hour after that, he was sound asleep. Nap in a can. He slept for a loooonnng time 🐽 To be fair, he has “done” most of our hunkered down xmas this year plus trying to make spirits bright for others. I’m sure he is tired.

4 Responses to “Roundabout”

  1. Sam Says:

    Loved “Nap in a can.” Excellent phrasing! Kudos cubed.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I get squirrelly sometimes too–mostly because of anxiety or excitement. Or too much caffeine! Nice to be able to deliver the gifts; I sent money and that was it. Boring but useful.

  3. GG Says:

    0 – Wolverine Party Shoppe not Kroger
    1 – okay
    2 – okay
    3 – okay
    4 – no Kroger
    5 – okay
    The rest – Anne often projects here state of mind onto others around her… magic mirror won’t you tell me please, do I find myself in anyone I see…

  4. l4827 Says:

    “Yule” tide greetings by “you’all” much appreciated!