A moron in Moran gets dafter near Dafter

zebrasI need a vacation. I need a road trip. I need a vacation. I need a road trip. I need…

It was a long day here on the Planet Ann Arbor but it was not an unproductive one. I actually got the displaced shelf unit back against the Dungeon wall today! You know the one (or maybe your eyes glaze over when I start talking about the Landfill Dungeon). Anyway, it’s the one that got moved out into the middle of the floor last September when Hurricane Ike reached his long arm all the way up to SEMI and drenched the carpet at the end of my dingy old “studio” room in my normally dry basement. Except for the leaky wall in the utility room, that is. It gets even better! I *almost* managed to clear off Grandma Sally’s old kitchen table! The one that used to seat 12. It makes a great sewing table when it isn’t covered with all kinds of junk. (Actually, genevievedidit or grandmothertrucker, do you want it? Not trying to get rid of it but you gals sew and it did belong to your mom…) I don’t have every little scrap of stuff off of it yet but I think I am seeing a faint little light at the end of the tunnel.

Errands, good, bad, neutral, and ugly… Neutral: the usual early Saturday morning Toilet Paper Trip to Meijer for all the stuff I don’t wanna spend umpteen gazillion dollars for at the Plum Market and schlep home on foot, i.e., toilet paper et al. Er, it is also a liqwire run. Good: buying two hanging baskets of annuals (fuchsia and some mix of purples) at Coleman’s. Bad: heading out to Joann Fabrics for one blasted spool of thread and coming home with said thread plus a COUPLE YARDS OF FABRIC — bad, bad, but only spent $15, so sorta okay.

Ugly (this deserves its own paragraph): FORCED myself to go to Hudson’s Macy’s in search of clothing. Found one skirt, not exactly business casual but will do for other stuff. And a scarf. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize and people [maybe] won’t notice that you don’t have a large wardrobe. At least not one that includes wearable items… I *hate* the mall. As I was heading in the door, I saw a gauntlet of tall, impeccably groomed people with clipboards (clipboards?) standing inside. Yiiy! I was at my frumpiest this morning and did *not* feel like disarming them with wittier conversation than they might expect out of a bag lady, so I ducked over into the “juniors” area just to avoid them. I found what I needed (not in the juniors area, of course) and somehow managed to also avoid the perfume/makeup folks hanging out in the aisle like vultures. I do *not* do perfume. I *do* wear *minimal* makeup but it’s basically the same stuff I used 30 years ago (anyone remember Maybelline mascara?) and I can apply it in less than 20 seconds. Sigh. I didn’t get any farther into the mall today. I cut and ran. I do buy stuff at Chicos but I wasn’t in the mood for trying stuff on and having to go *outside* the dressing room for a mirror. Don’t worry, I spent something like $50 total. I can afford that on my own blasted paycheck.

5 Responses to “A moron in Moran gets dafter near Dafter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate shopping for clothes, period.

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    Ugh… hate clothes shopping, but I should probably *do* some clothes shopping one of these days. Getting to the end of the “wearable lifespan” of some of my favorite stuff… When the only other option is going starkers, I guess that means I have to drag myself into the local Kohl’s or start scanning the LL Bean/Lands End sites.

  3. Pooh Says:

    You might check the Territory Ahead website. I’ve seen some things in their catalog that reminded me of your style. They are pricey, but if you see something in the sale section, it’s not as bad. The zebra fabric is great!

  4. jane Says:

    I want a road trip too. work is mostly not fun these days. I was doing work before 7:00 this morning — see — not fun.

    I also hate the mall. but I work in retail – that seems wrong somehow.

  5. kayak woman Says:

    NP Jane did not disclose that she works (admittedly *very* hard) in the *book* retail business.