I don’t know if I exist in a state of being able to achieve honors but I do like bacon!

planetlargeI got my roadtrip today. A day trip but a very good one. On the road at 7:00 AM USB, coffee at the Zeeb Rd. McD’s, I94 18-wheel Slogway to kzoo. Picked up Mouse, breakfast at the Crow’s Nest (I’m gonna MISS that place [tears]). Mouse’s apartment (I’m gonna miss THAT place too [more tears]) for Internet surfing and shower (for Mouse) and work on UFP. Walked with Mouse around neighborhood, including a *huge* SF-style hill. Back to Mousehouse for more of the above. Over to Balch Theatre, where we temporarily parted ways. Mouse reported in for call and led warm-ups, etc. KW strolled around the campus, then settled into the library coffee shop awaiting a call from Dogmomster and crew. We met up, picked up our tickets, then back to the coffee shop *with* Mouse *for* coffee this time and then hung out on the wall outside Balch above the tennis courts, drinking our coffee and kibbitzing. Play and then bumpity-bumpity back along the Slogway home again jiggety-jig bumpity-bump. While Mouse helped strike the show and then went to yet another rehearsal for the next project…

The play? Return to the Forbidden Planet. I took that grainy iPhone photo *before* the show started so I didn’t violate any copyright stuff that I know of, although that stuff is *very* murky… And I photoshopped one of my favo-rite photos of Mouse into the screen above the set (click on the pic to enlarge). I am bad. I know. This was a wonderful play. But my mouse didn’t act in this play. She got to sit in the audience with me and Dogmomster and Valdemort and Pengie. Why? Because she was the assistant director for the professor who directed the play and directors get to sit and watch. Am I proud of her? You know I am. Life is a river. There are good and bad days for everyone. Today was a darn good day for Mouse. And for me as a mother who doesn’t have a clue about as to what the heck contribution I made to make the wonderful person known as Mouse. All of you mooms, BASK today on whatever achievements your kids have made, whatever age, large or small. First words. Toilet training. Those things count. Etc. Et al.

Click on that picture to enlarge it!!

5 Responses to “I don’t know if I exist in a state of being able to achieve honors but I do like bacon!”

  1. GG Says:

    On Thursday, Mouse was singled out by a perfesser as being a Shakespeare Nazi. This was related to her role as assistant director for a play that incorporates lines from Othello, The Tempest, King Lear, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet.

    Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy law my services are bound.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Way to go, Mouse! I will try to bask, although it’s been a little difficult lately.

  3. mouse Says:

    1) Jon is not a professor, and 2) technically Jon holds the copyright because he designed the show, but I’m sure it’s not a problem.

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    dooo DOOOO dooooo doo DOOOOOOOO!
    “OH, NO!”

  5. jane Says:

    good to hear that is a photo-shopped Mouse. I was looking at the small image before reading and thought….. is that Mouse? how does that fit into the play?

    Mouse – I know very little of Shakespeare, so feel free to correct me anytime. I did see the Royal Shakespeare Company do Julius Ceasar a few years ago – it was riveting! (I love Ann Arbor.) I thought that it should be taped and every high schooler could watch it. MUCH different than just “book learning”