Kicking it

Er, not kicking it at teleCubelandia, at least not today. Spent all morning deep into I fergit what archaeological digs and all afternoon trying to pull umpteen gazillion little bits and pieces of “stuff” into a coherent “story” about how something works. I meandered around our product “sandbox” for hours setting things this way and that and “processing” (in my brain) the results. I’m getting there. I do NOT want to bug dev/QA who are getting into the busy season of ramping up to the next software release. Better if I learn it myself anyway. At least then I can [maybe] ask intelligent questions.

“We” kicked xmas to the curb today. I helped by holding the xmas tree up while the GG released it from the tree stand. I had proper glubs this time, leather. The last time I had to hold up the tree was after it fell over and I had those crappy little knit glubs. He did all of the rest. I’ll leave the outdoor string of xmas lights on for a while… March maybe? You never know. My s-i-l The Beautiful Gay keeps a xmas tree up year-round and once we were there during a TORRENTIAL rainstorm in July and she turned it on. It was MAGICAL!

We doggedly stick to the tradition of getting a “real” once-live tree. Our method of tree removal was quite mundane. The GG simply dragged it out the back door. We’ll eventually burn it in the back yard faaaarrr pit. Our Manchester woods beach urchin sent a dramatic video in which their xmas tree was thrown off their second story deck and it sailed down into the ravine below. Well done sir!

2 Responses to “Kicking it”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love the ravine-toss idea! New Olympic sport???????

  2. Margaret Says:

    That would be fun to see a video of that! I get a real tree too when I have one; it’s small and can fit top down in my yard waste container. 🙂