Wake up happy

First of all, disclaimer. I stole this beautiful woods house pic (without permission) from a text message. I did not take it and it is not my house although I have two woods houses of my own, beautiful too albeit in different ways.

As a bluuuuuue person (nowadays), I didn’t expect to wake up happy but this morning when I grabbed my phone to check the weather, there was an Apple News alert on the lockscreen proclaiming that one of the peach state races had been called in favor of the blue guy. Yay!!! What about the other one? At 0-skunk-30 it was still close but “we” were cautiously optimistic. And YES! I don’t think it was until afternoon that it was called in favor of the OTHER blue guy! YAY said this social liberal/fiscal (but COMPASSIONATE) conservative who grew up in a “red” family back when the GOP still had a heart.

Of course by that time, we were focused on some other HORRIFIC happenings. Things that flashed through my mind and others were on the order of “I feel like I’m reading the Handmaid’s Tale” and “this is probably the worst thing I’ve experienced since 911.” Yes, I KNOW that neither of those things exactly equal this. Handmaid’s Tale is fictional and my terrification about 911 was immediately overwhelming while my attempted coup terrification came in bits and pieces as I slowly came to realize the potential implications of what kind of shit was going down in D.C.

And yes, I believe it’s an attempted coup. No matter who started it, the Orange Baboon has used incendiary language in his incessant attempts to undermine our carefully constructed electoral system. Woe to those of us who do not believe his conspiracy theories and woe to those who do and don’t understand that they’ve been hoodwinked. I understand that his followers feel they have been wronged by our society but we’ll go there some other day. If we survive the coup.

Enough for now. I couldn’t look away from news all day but I STILL managed to get a lot of work done. “Wake up happy” is what my sweet [long-dead] mother-in-law said to her 10 children to avoid the Grumpus-in-the-morning thing. That was passed on to many of her grandchildren albeit not mine, who responded to different things. I mean what do you do when a kid won’t get outta bed because a “bad aminal has glued her into her bed”? Jeebus, it is soooo much fun to be a moom 🧡🧡🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I went from a grumpy morning teenager to more of a morning person after I had kids. Now my daughters say that I am WAY too cheerful in the morning. Patt was grumpy in the morning, and Henry needed quiet and his space, but John is more outgoing and talkative in the morning. What a crazy day it was!