I went to Indiana

A couple days before xmas we did a roundabout to drop off a few xmas packages (and some beer). As we were starting out, the GG said, “You haven’t been on an excursion in months.” My QUICK retort was, “I went to Indiana!” And I DID go to Indiana, with him, in November, to buy Everclear at Gay’s.

The GG thinks I don’t get oot and aboot enough despite the four(?) times I traveled to the yooperland during the “season”. I am not holing up in my house because I am depressed. I am trying to survive a pandemic. I am comfortable in my own home where I can easily get curbside pickup and delivery of any number of items. I can work and there’s all kinds of activity out my front window all the time. Walkers, runners, dogs, birds, delivery trucks, gas meter guys, you name it. When I am in the yooperland I am also home, in my childhood home, where I can interact with that community at a safe distance. And work…

Anyway, the GG convinced me to accompany him to an air B&B in Oh-haaa-o for a long weekend (it’s a long boring story) and after much trepidation, here I am.

I don’t like to take vacay at this time of year so I am working all day tomorrow and I did two meetings in the car on the way down, always such fun. We are kind of in the middle of nowhere (which is fine) but can I just say the back roads down here are a LOT different than they are in the Great Lake State. In the GLS, you can usually navigate the back roads to get from one place to another simply by making right angle turns, say south and east and south and east and south and east. Down here in Oh-haaa-o we seemed to be wildly wheeling and looping around every which way, every turn an acute or obtuse angle. I couldn’t really keep track because I was head down into work and had to trust that the GG knew where he was going.

It’s a nice place and I’m gonna try to ignore that we’re prob’ly in tRump country. The whole thing would be a lot easier without the pandemic. And no we’re not staying in the buildings by the green car. That’s a random photooo… It’s in Napoleon, OH, if anyone cares. It’s a cool car but I wouldn’t let the GG buy it 🐽

3 Responses to “I went to Indiana”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope you enjoy your get away! I think a change of scenery is good, but it can create stress too. That part I don’t enjoy since I find myself anxious about TOO much these days.

  2. Pooh Says:

    You had been talking about replacing the Ninja, hadn’t you? Maybe a random turquoise model? Tee-Hee-hee. <3 <3 <3

  3. Jay Says:

    In the Pacific Northwest there’s a term about going to Tukwilla, but I am not sure that’s what you meant.