B-r-r-r-ring, tinnnng, doodle-oop, nehnehnehnehne

That was the GG’s phone beginning I dunno when, about 6AM or so? He was dead to the world and didn’t react to any of them. Probably just news alerts or dog whistles or whatever. I got up late (after 7) because I’m in an unfamiliar city and so didn’t want to do an 0-skunk-30. I know the Landfill neighborhood like the back of my hand.

Anyway, I got up and managed to navigate our gorgeous claw-foot tub. I don’t think I’ve had anything to do with a claw-foot tub since I was a little kid and my friend Helen’s family had one. Theirs was not fancy and had no shower. This one is all tarted up with a fancy shower. Still, using a *different* shower setup is a learning curve and I figger by about the last morning we’re here, I’ll be a pro.

Okay, then the GG went out to grab McDonald’s for breakfast. We could cook here but it’s a shared kitchen (although there’s nobody else here) and schlepping a whole bunch of food seemed overwhelming to me. So I got a hash brown and coffee and supplemented that with one of the clementines I did schlep. Plum Market Carolina Chicken salad for lunch, kept cold in the refrigerator aka Mooon Yooonit.

Problem… The GG: I can’t find my phone? I called it. No answer. I called it again. No answer. Now. I KNEW that it was ringing SOMEWHERE. What the heck, it made noise all night. Where was it? He went down to Mooon Yooonit and I called again. And again. And again. Five times. Finally I went downstairs and outside onto the porch and YELLED, “DID YOU FIND IT?.” He THOUGHT he could hear it. I called it one more time and he finally found it. UNDERNEATH SOME PAPERS!!! All you did was drive a couple blocks to McDonald’s and back. Why didn’t you just put it in your pocket or maybe the cupholder between the seats? Who knows.

He and MC road-hiked umpteen bazillion miles. I earned my pay big time, doing my part on a hot prodject we decided (overnight) we needed “yesterday”. I got kudos from my boss and even a bit of, well, not exactly kudos because he doesn’t really do that kind of thing but positive feedback from Mr. Bear. The GG said something like, “So now your ego is all inflated.” Not really. My boss is always supportive but Mr. Bear specializes in knocking down egos so any pride surely comes before a fall. We love him ANYWAY 🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad about the kudos, especially if they are rare. I love the look of that place–so Victorian.