Somewhere in O-haaa-oh

Ohio gets kind of a bad rap. I did a college trip in Ohio with a beach urchin and a couple of her friends and their parents. I had a good time but ultimately it might’ve been better for me not to be there because I was nervous about it all for unknown reasons. My kiddo ultimately went to Kalamazoo College here in Michigan and ROCKED IT, as she has been rocking life ever since. I do remember how much fun I had driving my brand-new Dogha on that trip throughout the hills and valleys of eastern Ohio. (The Dogha was a 2001 top dollar Honda Accord with a V6 engine with about as much vroom as I am interested in.)

We’re over on the western side of Ohio this weekend and it is beautiful but it’s FLAT and I haven’t figgered out how to photograph it. So here is the interior of our room in our Victorian style Air B&B.

If you ever find yourself wanting to go to Delphos, Ohio, this is a GREAT place to stay and it is NOT expensive, at least not right now (it’s prob’ly less than the average Days Inn 🐽). The owner opened it in April 2020, yes really. We got gasoline yesterday morning and another person getting gas had seen us get into our cars outside the B&B and approached the GG to say that he had worked on the renovation of our home away from home and also owned a similar place. There are a number of these “mansions” here in Delphos and I walked around the area looking at some of them today. With turrets and cupolas they remind me of some areas of Sault Ste. Siberia although those areas have largely fallen into disrepair starting well before I was born.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ohio seemed flat to me too, but the buildings were beautiful. I said the same thing about Texas when I visited. We have the opposite here: gorgeous scenery and lots of mountains/hills but ugly buildings or modern ones with little character.