100 miles

Okay. Got up this morning. Coffee (tooooo strong coffee) and oatmeal for breakfast. Packed up, said farewell to MC, and headed out. Two hours or so from Delphos to the Planet Ann Arbor. Horrible fugly gray drive but no snow, thank you very much.

We hadn’t been home for very long and it was sometime around noon. The GG started rummaging the refrigimatator. Okay. What are you doing? I asked because I had a dinner plan and I didn’t want him to eat it. He was making a peanut butter sandwich, which was okay because that had nothing to do with my dinner plan.

And then… He surprised me by saying he was leaving for ALBION like NOW. Why are you going to Albion, I asked? I mean, we had just driven a couple hours on the freeway and he’s leaving again? Turned out he had walked 94 miles out of the North Country Trail 100-mile yearly challenge. I mean he had walked that many miles since January 1, 2021. The NCT does NOT go through the Planet Ann Arbor so it takes some logistical planning to get to it.

So he had six miles to go. The closest section of the NCT to our house is in Albion, 50 miles or so away. He drove over there and did the last six miles.

This pic is from today. He and MC hiked something like 44 miles in O-haaa-o this weekend. He sent me a picture of HIMSELF from that trip but his hands were positioned in a kinda weird way that made him look like he might’ve been roadP-ing so I didn’t post it. He wasn’t. MC would’ve clobbered him if he had, with my enthusiastic support.

Me? I attended a meeting in the car in which I was basically USELESS, then an afternoon of uploading user guides to a client-accessible “portal”. I think this is the FIRST TIME I have ever managed to do this without all kinds of pain and grief related to dealing with a complicated content management system. “Unbucketed item”? Really? What is a bucket. In this context, I mean. This old dog has done this enough times to know what she’s doing.

Oh and hello? The UU (the GG’s identical twin) ALSO finished his 2021 100 mile NCT challenge today, hence the second pic. Not in the same place as the GG. He needed snowshoes.

So, the Twinz of Terror completed their 2021 NCT 100 mile challenges on the same day. It is also the bDay of The Beautiful Gay, wife of the UU (one half of the Twinz) and my own kinda identical twin, in spirit albeit not DNA.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m not sure the Twinz of Terror would appreciate this bit of Kayak Woman humor but they accomplished their 100 day challenge in… Drum roll.. One Scaramucci!

One Response to “100 miles”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, that’s a LOT of miles! Good for them! I average about 30-35 miles a week in running and walking, so I’ll consider that decent. I don’t like to set specific goals because I then get compulsive.