Don’t let those erderators get my baby

Looking for something else, I found this…

Myakka State Park, Fla, March 1986. She’s wearing some CUTE clothes we bought at some KMart store down there and a necklace of The Commander’s that I remember from when my fingers were small enough to stick them into the little half-spheres or whatever they were (my pinkies are still small enough).

I am puzzled by a few things here. One is that The Comm *gave* me that necklace all those years ago. Maybe she was taaaaared of it? And knew how much I liked it? And wanted to make sure I got it, even though she lived a few decades after that. I dunno. It’s not valuable in any way except that she always wore it when I was a baby and I remember it from then. The other thing is that I kinda panicked about where is that necklace? Do I still have it? Do I know where it is? And there it was in my “jewelry” box.

So that trip was my first Fla trip. We drove our 1985 VW Jetta down there with our baby and The Mean Old Grumpy Beautiful Aunt Suzie, the GG’s gorgeous little red-headed sister, to stay with their parents for a couple weeks. Suz is no longer with us. She never got around to having children but she loved her nieces and nephews to distraction and she and our little Lizard Breath had a great time bonding on that trip. They TALKED and Suz was who translated “erderator” from toddler speak to “alligator”.

Miss Suz a lot. We are infrequent Fla visitors. We went again with both our kids when they were young (Suz was living down there by then). And then I have been there a few times in the 2010s. The GG has been there more often than I have but many of his trips have been related to end-of-life stuff for family members and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get him to go there again.

Especially after our fall 2018 LSD Trip to rescue FlaMan from his crazy trailer home. The GG injured his hand cleaning it out and the Frog Hopper broke down and Hurricane Michael was on the way. We love FlaMan anyway although I will never forget driving up from Fla pulling a UHaul trailer, a guy on O2 24/7 and a DOG. We did escape the hurricane and there was no pandemic then, thank you very much. I was so glad to hit the Great Lake State border after that, bumpity clunkity roads and all.

We have so much fun!

2 Responses to “Don’t let those erderators get my baby”

  1. isa Says:

    Maaaybe she gave it to you so small children could stick their fingers through the loops?

  2. Margaret Says:

    The wonderful gift of photos is all the memories that they bring back, which then turns into more reminiscing about people, places and adventures. Kind of a domino effect.