So where were we. I spent the day digging into file formats including a fixed format file with *490* character records. That was fun.

Some of us have been texting about automotive vee-hickles a lot today. The GG apparently thinks that “wimmen” like to drive cars that are “high” enough up that they can see out zee veeendsheeeld. This totally p*ssed me off. I have droven all kinds of cars in my life.

I liked driving minivans and jeeps and things and being higher than other vee-hickles. But I edge in close to 5’6″ or so, so I am not all that short (and he is barely taller than me!). Then we got the Dogha (2001 top dollah Honda Accord) and man oh man, I loved that thing. It was pretty low slung but I had no problem seeing whatever I needed to see and it was a V6, so well…

Anyway, the GG was taken down a notch or two after he expressed that particular opinion and various “wimmen” in his life ‘splained that what they were looking for was CLEARANCE between the ground and the chassis so they could drive on back roads, etc. Jaybus.

I love when some of these “wimmen” have polly-tickle disagreements with the GG and CALMLY remind him that, “YOU raised us on The Planet Ann Arbor AND you allowed us to enter the Community High School lottery.” Which they both won. Yes. We could’ve chosen to live in Oakland County where the GG grew up and lived/worked when we met. I have loved the Planet since I was a kid visiting my cousins here and this is where we ended up. I think it was a good choice.

Here is my box from Luke’s Lobster. I ordered lobster claws. I am sorry, I do not think I could EVER put a live lobster into a pot. But I like lobster meat and this wee bit will work well with the beef filet kebabs we’re cooking tomorrow night. I bought some tuna kebabs from Luke’s back in the fall and I think I will try their Jonah crab meat next. Everything flash frozen off the boat and delivered overnight.

My dear [late] sister-in-law Suzie loved what she called Red Slobster and I miss her.

HB to the Mean Old Grunchy Old Grinchy and Our Northern Correspondent 🧡🧡🧡

2 Responses to “Slobster”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley still misses her spirited political discussions with her Libertarian father. My vehicles have gotten smaller as my family has. Much easier to park the Subaru in the garage than the Trailblazer or Explorer. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Enjoy the surf and turf dinner on your special day!