Happy No Politics Day

Actually people had to remind MEEEEE that today was No Politics Day. I mean, I well remembered what day it was but I started to veer off in a political direction on a “zoom” call that was set up to honor No Politics Day. Our daughters and a niece and a couple of significant others.

This set of people (more or less) has been occasionally meeting online since COVID, more so in the beginning when we were all trying to figger our COVID lives. One of our members moved to Hawai’i over the summer and I think we’ve met with her since then. The rest of us are all in the eastern time zone. Planet Ann Arbor, Manchester, Detroit, and Poughkeepsie.

All of the usual folks were online this afternoon and then another person joined. npJane! My “baby” cousin. For whatever reason, I didn’t realize she would be on the call. The more the merrier! I was eight when she was born and so old enough not to be jealous of a younger child and therefore “fight” with her as siblings and cousins sometimes do when they are relatively close in age. She was soooo cute and we all loved her.

As adults, she and the GG do moominbeach cabin stuff together and we carpooled up there quite a few times before COVID. Not this year, alas.

So it was great to hear from her and I am LOVING that her dad, my Dear Uncle Harry, is (at 90-something) walking around his neighborhood taking books out of Little Free Libraries and returning them to OTHER Little Free Libraries. I want a LFL in my front yard and if we ever get one installed, I will put non-perishable food items in it too. Every little bit helps.

Not to mention THANKS to all of the others on our call. I wanted to do so many things today, like go out to lunch somewhere, but no way. I had a great day and love y’all, KW

2 Responses to “Happy No Politics Day”

  1. l4827 Says:

    HB-NPD, AC

  2. Margaret Says:

    Happy Belated B-day! Glad you had a great call.