Corn chowder at the moominbeach and cousins of all degrees

I wanted to respond to a FB/highschool acquaintance in the Trump camp about what I thought Biden’s accomplishments were. But I don’t [usually] get into polly-tickal crapola on FB so I am thinking about what to write about that here in my own “private” space, private in the sense that most of that set of FB friends don’t know about it and probably aren’t interested in and/or capable of finding it. I’ll get into Biden another day, maybe Inauguration Day? With fingers crossed for the promised (begrudgingly, in my opinion) “peaceful transition” but also knocking on wood.

So I’ll talk about corn chowder instead. Specifically the corn chowder recipe The Commander left behind when she joined the Ghost Ship Ryerson Party Bote in the Sky. I’m not gonna share it right now. First, I’d have to dredge it up. Also, it is GOOD and we love it but I’m sure a lot of people have equally good corn chowder recipes. Ours does involve bacon…

Anyway, last night a MacMu cousin’s 20-something daughter (my 1st cousin once removed) was making “our” corn chowder and posted pics on FB. Her mom and aunt “Salwa” began bringing her to visit the moomincabin for a few days each summer when she was a toddler and my kids were I dunno somewhere in elementary school. Corn chowder was often on the menu, cooked by the Commander. This toddler was a Force of Nature and is now through college with a corporate job at one of our state’s large grocery chains. We are so proud of her. She and her mom still try to visit us each summer but we missed them last summer because COVID. But we missed our own adult children up there too because COVID.

Here is a pic of my Mouse making corn chowder at the moomincabin with a FinFam cousin’s *granddaughter* Cap’n *Queen* Leila (my 1st cousin twice removed). Another force of nature. See how she’s standing on a stool there? She is in middle school now, almost 13 I think, and I think she’s taller than any of us.

For a number of years her family lived next door to the moomincabin in the house/cabin her great-grandparents (my aunt and uncle) built when I was a young baby. Since C*Q*L is an extreme extrovert she was a constant visitor to the moomincabin. Especially when the GG was around. I’m not really very interesting but the GG is always doing something interesting in the GARAAAAGE or re-placing beach chair webbing on the beach or teaching her how to drive our little putt-putt motor botes.

We didn’t see her a lot last summer. Her family moved to a little town a couple miles down the road and, well, COVID. I miss this (once little) Force of Nature and I will have to make some corn chowder soon!

Yay! We picked up the Frog Hopper this afternoon to the tune of $3000 (brakes, suspension, taaaars, exhaust system and I fergit what else and not all of that was in this repair session, I don’t think). Oh, exhaust system. Yeah. I mean, I remember hearing how noisy that vee-hickle was a few weeks ago when it was out in our street. And I am now getting ads for some sorta little Subaru SUV-like aminal (Crosstrek?) every time I look at any kind of social media. Stay tuned.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love corn chowder, although I’ve never tried any with bacon in it. The Crosstrek is a very sporty looking Subie. I like the look of it, although I prefer my Forester because of its extra space.