In my kitchen…

No way could I get a decent pic of this. It was moving waaaay too fast and flipping around all over the place. Yes, it was a flying saucer sent from the planet Zephron III to my kitchen. The life-forms there are very small so if you wanted to conquer them, all you’d have to do is step on them (Old Man’s War).

So a package arrived from China today. It wasn’t addressed to me and I had no clue. I was thinking something like, “Not another remote controlled helicopter” but I think we bought those over at the old Ryder’s Hobby Shop here on the Planet Ann Arbor, not China. I’m trying to think what toys we *did* buy from China… And this was labeled “child’s toy” on the package. Yup. Child’s toy.

So I left it on the table for the GG to open when he got home from visiting FlaMan’s domicile where he exchanged full beer cans for (sorta) empty ones but otherwise seemed a bit disgruntled. I mean, this is a 100 mile round trip beer run and around a year ago, he and Mooon Yooonit almost bit the dust when somebody spun out on a lightly iced road surface at 70 mph. Roads were okay today though and the arrival of this new Flying Saucer gave him something to do to decompress.

So we have fewer than 24 more hours left of this chaotic American presidency. I don’t share memes on facebook but there was one cartoon on the Saturday that Biden was first declared the winner… It was the statue of liberty launching tRump outta town in a sling shot made out of a face mask. I mean the mask was around his butt. I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. I can find Liberty knocking him off a wall with a golf club and any number of other things. I think that face mask slingshot says it the best.

I hope we make it through tomorrow without any more violence. I hope I am able to concentrate on my job tomorrow. I have a training session to run tomorrow afternoon…

We’ll talk about Donny Osmond some other day🐲

One Response to “In my kitchen…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Donny Osmond? I saw that meme several times on Facebook, but I don’t do politics on FB, so I didn’t share it.