“We’ve been played”

First a disclaimer: this is NOT what the weather is like here today. This was during the 2014 Polar Vortex winter, the year that “Canada got drunk, stumbled down onto the US, and fell asleep”. Someone else said it. I dunno who.

This year? I have not worn a pair of winter boots yet. Keen sandals every day and January is starting to wane. Okay, I wear my Keens with tights and Smartwool socks between my feet and my sandals and (usually) Yaks between my sandals and the road/sidewalk surface. Of course by posting this I know I am tempting Snowmageddon.

So, what else to say about today… I had the radio on through the inauguration although I wasn’t really listening because working. Relieved? Yes yes yes… But not gloating. I know too many people who were tRump supporters. We have a lot of work to do to figger out WHY. I do not believe the whole thing about Bernie and AOC are gonna flip us into “socialism” and George is gonna pay for it. Even if I did believe in that, why would tRump be the “savior?”

So what is it? tRump supporters, what is it about your lives that tRump made better? *My* life has been improving for a good many more years than tRump has been in “power”. My success has more to do with falling off a cliff into a GOOD JOB (and working hard at it) than anything tRump did during his tenure. Not to mention I was born into a life of relative privilege, although my nuclear family was *far* from “rich” when I was growing up. Outhouse stories anyone?💩 (Seriously, that was just in the summer. But still.)

“We’ve been played.” I was kind of surprised that some QAnon-type folks were quoted as seeming a bit disgruntled that nothing “happened” to disrupt the inauguration today. The Secret Service did not step in and take over to spirit the whole Biden/Harris crew into some dungeon somewhere for some kind of inquisition. Did I detect a whiff of disgust about “Dear Leader?” Just a whiff maybe but nevertheless a whiff. I mean, did those Q folks REALLY think tRump ever gave a crap about them? Or had any real power over the Secret Service? Jeebus.

What’s next? As tRump always said, “We’ll just have to see what happens.” I am cautiously optimistic that at least now there are people in Washington who can speak in a language other than Word Salad, value scientific principles over whatever the charlatan of the day is peddling, govern by something other than Twitter, and are interested (apparently) in listening to us, the people of this beautiful country.

Just a bunch of random free association ramblings here. Feel free to move along.

One Response to ““We’ve been played””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I completely agree. We are still in a mess, but adults are in charge.