Gimme a Break!

socks.jpgOh wait! I am *on* a break! It is my school spring break. So that’s why I am working like a dog trying to get all of my homework and projects done. Or at least I am *talking* about working like a dog trying to get all of my homework and projects done. The problem is that I keep getting distracted. Looking up what time I have to be at Metro on Wednesday morning. Figuring out what I need to take and what to pack it in. Wondering if that awkward rolling luggage contraption of the GG’s can be carried on. Reading up on security stuff and wondering if my shoes or my glasses or, what the heck, the silver in some of my teeth will set off alarms. And what to do with my computer and my phone and my camera and all of the associated plugins that go with them. And how to take the BART to Berkeley once I get out there so I can save The Lizard the trouble of shuttling across town to pick me up.

And I’m feeling kind of rocky today. Not the full-tilt-boogie, flat on your back sucking ice cubes on the couch that’s fifteen feet away from the blue toilet kind of rocky. More like I ate too much and drank too much coffee. The coffee was yesterday but I’m still feeling it. The food was this morning when I met Sandy for breakfast. I’ve had bacon on the brain ever since I read Sam’s carbonara entry, so I ordered a pretty standard egg/bacon breakfast. It was good and I’m sure there was nothing wrong with it. It was just toooo much, even though I didn’t come close to finishing it. And I drank decaf. But a bowl of dry Cheerios would’ve been a better choice today. And then there’s the fact that I haven’t walked in a few days. Because I’ve been trying to use every spare moment in the day to work on homework. I know that I function best on a *lot* of exercise, so this is not a good thing. Today I am going to go for my usual afternoon walk homework be damned and I bet I’ll feel a whole lot better by the time I get back.

At least I am not traveling to Africa for two months and having to make decisions about whether or not to take a headlamp and other assorted potentially useful items. Speaking of Africa, Aimée leaves today, headlamp in hand if it stayed in the packing corner long enough to make the final packing list. Bon voyage!!! Makes my fussing and fiddling around about my short little hop seem pretty ridiculous in comparison.

4 Responses to “Gimme a Break!”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Wow…all these Finlaysons have major travel plans for this year!!! I am VERY impressed, San Francisco, Africa, China, Death Valley, anything else????

  2. Valdemort Says:

    Orlando, Cincinnati (again), LOTS of cabin time.

  3. mouse Says:


  4. kayak woman Says:

    And Bali for Jane in November.