Space Case

  • I think I am packed.
  • Except for my electronical crap.
  • I have my baggie.
  • I have the clothes I’m going to *wear* tomorrow all figured out.
  • I am *not* taking my ratty old ski jacket.
  • Or my 50-cent mismatched KMart knit gloves.
  • I do have a couple of books.
  • I *think* the rolling contraption I have packed in will qualify as a carryon.
  • And it has a case inside it which looks just about the right size for a laptop computer.
  • Apparently I can take a laptop case aboard in addition to my carryon.
  • I am traveling really, really light.
  • If I forget anything, I will just use my debit card when I get out there.
  • That’s what debit cards are for.
  • Unless I forget my Macbook.
  • But I won’t.
  • I am working up the courage to print out my eticket from home.
  • Hoping that I don’t screw it up somehow.
  • And I am reviewing the detailed instructions I have for taking the BART.
  • I do not mind winter in Michigan.
  • It is how it is.
  • You just deal with it however you can.
  • And ski when you get the chance.
  • But I find myself looking forward to a few days in another kind of climate.
  • One where I won’t need my ratty old ski jacket.
  • If this week’s forecast is accurate for The Planet Ann Arbor, I don’t think I’ll miss anything.

One Response to “Space Case”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Hey!! Enjoy your time in SF!!! Hugs to Lizard & Froggy and whoever else you wind up hugging…. 😉

    …and take lotsa pix for us vicarious types!!