Say What?

Okay, hopefully my blahg is so obscure that nobody from the gov’t’ll find it and kick me off my flight tomorrow but say what? There are these little videos on the tsa site (scroll down) that supposedly illustrate a “business” woman and man putting things into the security screening bins. The woman puts in her little baggie of make-up and crap. The man puts in his little baggie and THEN, he also puts in a LAPTOP COMPUTER! C’mon you guys, this is 2007. I *wish* I could call myself a “business woman” but I don’t have any paying gigs at the moment. I *do* have a baggie but there’s almost *nothing* in it. And I *also* have a laptop computer! I’ll bet I’ve been schleppin’ one o’ those around longer than a lotta men! So, is the “business” *woman* going to do her business presentation with the aid of her little baggie of cosmetics? I suppose you could use a mascara wand as a pointer or whatever. Kee-reist!!!

(tsa, if you find my obscure little site, don’t kick me off my flight, HIRE me to help you with your website content!!!)

4 Responses to “Say What?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    yeah, sexism is still out there. apparently one only has to talk to any female who is employed by wal-mart to learn that.

  2. mark Says:

    Hey Anne, maybe you’ll like the tsa magic wand?

    Have a nice flight. I hope you have a window seat.

    Remember fly Boeing.

  3. Valdemort Says:

    They won’t let you take certain types of makeup (lipstick, etc.) on flights now, it’s part of the liquids ban.

  4. mouse Says:

    but mother, women can’t use laptops. just like they can’t do math or support themselves.