Baggies and Plastic Sequins

“They won’t let you take certain types of makeup (lipstick, etc.) on flights now, it’s part of the liquids ban.” So wrote Val. My meager little supply of makeup made it through with flying colors. I haven’t worn lickstick since I became a *serious* flootist back in about 7th grade. I was a little nervous at the last minute about the sequins on my skirt but I think sequins are made out of plastic these days and they did not set off any alarms. The biggest problem was scrambling around getting my shoes and sweater (metallic zipper, remembered that at the last minute) back on and my Macbook repacked. I suppose maybe I could put my gold chains back on now. Chill out, Kayak Woman.

2 Responses to “Baggies and Plastic Sequins”

  1. Sam Says:

    KW—you are the travel queen! Vanquishing tsa and riding a plane in less than half a day! Like I said, QUEEN!

  2. mouse Says: