Those tubes

thosetubesSo. Yesterday. I got a letter from one of my *two* credit card companies. I actually have more than two credit cards but I’m talking about bank cards. Like VISA. I had a couple of department store credit cards at one time but Hudson’s is defunct (and I will NOT get a Macy’s card, it’s just wrong!) and I haven’t shopped at J. C. Penney’s in years. And I guess I have a couple of gas cards somewhere but I don’t use them. Anyway… The letter I received could only be described as NASTY!!! It outlined the new improved terms. Improved for the credit card company but not for me. But wait! It went on to say that the new terms were basically okay because I had OPTIONS!!! What options? I can accept the new terms or I can write them a letter (!!!) saying that I don’t accept the new terms. If I write the letter, they will not force me to accept the new terms. But. They will cancel my card. Who the heck do they get to write these letters??? And how did the word “options” get usurped by the powers that be to mean “my way or the highway?” Why don’t they just say in plain English, “you are screwed either way”. I won’t cancel the card because I think it’s the only credit card the GG has. Which is not a bad thing in a funny kind of way. How many guys do you know who are so resistant to credit cards that they only have one card and they got that because their wife applied for it (a billion years ago) and added his name? I can remember when he used to actually *cash* his paycheck. Long time ago, all you stalkers. On the other hand, he has been known to successfully charge things to my *other* card (my real card), the one which I have had since the dark ages B. S. (before spouse) and is technically mine alone and has my official surname on it, which is different than his, so go figger why nobody questions a *man* using my credit card. With a surname that doesn’t match the name on the card. Kee-reist. But it’s all good. Because I pay my credit cards off every month. In theory. I won’t lie. There have been a few times in history that I have carried a balance for a while. It was not fun and I don’t plan to ever do it again. But that means that I don’t pay my credit card company’s rates of usury. And the minute they start charging me an annual fee? I will cancel. Watch me! In all truth, I was so incensed at the incendiary language of that letter that I don’t even remember if they mentioned adopting an annual fee or not, so maybe it did. I know that I am not their favorite customer because I do usually pay things off regularly and never even come close to reaching my limit, which is enough to charge a lower-end automotive vee-hickle. Kids. I am sorry that credit cards are such an important part of attaining a credit rating these days. I think it is my baby boomer/me generation that begat that. What the heck were “we” protesting about back in the 60s and how did we end up buying these damn McMansions? [Er, I am *not* living in a McMansion…] Kiddos, get credit cards but use them sparingly and pay them off every month. I am done for tonight. Bring back cow collateral banking. My old school banker grandfather is turning in his grave… Blup blup blup blup…

3 Responses to “Those tubes”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Just keep paying off the balance and you don’t have to worry about their Terms. I get a new Macy’s card just to get the discount. If you don’t use it for a year, it becomes void. Then you can get another one and get the discount over again.

  2. Marquis Says:

    There was an article on NPR tonight that explained if you had a credit card with say a $25K limit, it was assessed as a $25K debt for purposes of calculating your credit scores, even is you always pay it off. So as the article went on if you had two of these cards you were considered to be $50K in the hole. If you went for a car or a home loan this $50K would be assessed to be a $50K debt. Moral of the story don’t have more lines of credit then you need.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I run a balance at times to keep my credit in good shape, although I don’t use my card enough evidently because they lowered my limit. (which seemed astronomical anyway) I hate owing on a credit card and avoid it at all costs. I like charging plane tickets on my rewards card which gets me checks and Starbucks cards.