Engineers seem to be one of my lots in life and sometimes the bane of my existence

[Thanks to AgateGal (on Twitter) for the title!]


Y’all, you cannot call me at six-something in the evening on a day like today and expect me to be relaxed! I am sorry but it does not compute! Danger! Danger! You know who you are. A day like today. When I had to run a large two-hour meeting from 3-5 (except we finished at 4:30, which makes me hope we didn’t miss something important). When my Mouse is home for the night. No, school isn’t done yet and no there’s nothing wrong. And because my Mouse is home, I am scrambling to make chicken pot pie. And no, it is not done yet. I know. It is 7:18. I left work just after five, after struggling to lock the projector back up in its little cubby and I figgered out what was for dinner ON THE WAY HOME and then there wasn’t enough boneless chicken breast in the freezer so I had to go to the Plum Market and I EVEN DROVE there to save time, like maybe five minutes because the Plum is pretty close. And maybe some other day, I would’ve appreciated those iPhone photos from Whitefish Point but today? They just heightened my anxiety. I wanted to be at Whitefish Point. I can’t even remember the last time I was at Whitefish Point on a day when there weren’t umpteen gazillion tourists there too. And then. BTW. Whaddo I wanna do this weekend? Well. In a way, I have a long list: stay at the cabin, blahg, go to WFP, take pictures of the old Carnegie Library, work on my UFP, kayak if it’s not 32 degrees out (and it doesn’t sound like it will be), walk, walk, hang out with the octo-women. Problem is I do *not* want to get overscheduled. I don’t *want* to figger out what I am doing every nano-second until I get up there. I know this is not necessarily the best plan. I am just tired. And I am outta steam. Those photos above are the ones that were sent to me from Whitefish Point today. Click ’em to get bigger versions. That is not one of our telescopes there, unless the GG squandered some money that I don’t know about.

PS: There are BABY OWLS around the Landfill neighborhood. Luke has photos of them!!!

4 Responses to “Engineers seem to be one of my lots in life and sometimes the bane of my existence”

  1. Jay Says:

    Is that to say you have a lot of engineers in your life but there are many other things you also have lots of, or is this like Lots wife and don’t look back, or just that your fate is being engineered by an engineer of some sort (a big high mucky muck engineer I hope).

  2. jane Says:

    don’t over schedule your weekend – let it flow. that said, I’ll be expecting a full photographic story of the trip. 😉 especially any beach days! and beer.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Poor Tonya–she’s dealt with some nasty engineer people. Hopefully, no more of those! You are ambitious to make chicken pot pie. I just buy Marie Callender! I hate it when my time is overly scheduled; my husband tried to do that to us in Hawaii once. We told him, NO, we’ll sightsee, but we also want to relax. I like a mix of activity and just sitting on my arse with a book.

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    I have *our* loverly Meade ‘scope (back from The Engineer’s star- and planet-gazing days, oh, sometime last Century) that is TOTALLY UNUSED and would be a perfect fixture for the Cabin (coming back to my lodgings for winters, of course, to prevent any freeze-thaw damage to its internal optics). So long as the tripod doesn’t get f***ed up in the sand (or The Engineer will haunt the perpetrator, of course… I recall his tantrum regarding one of his camera tripods that he’d loaned out ‘way back in the day)… I care only because I fear I’d be collaterally haunted…

    Then again, it’s up to Valdemort about the ‘scope, since I think she’s actually laid claim to it (for whenever she actually stops being a Perpetual Student [said with all the love in the World, mind you] and gets somewhat-permanent lodging of her own).