Send a man to buy a chicken…

So, I went to move a chicken from the freezer to the refrigimatator today so it would be thawed so the Master Chef could grill it tomorrow. It wasn’t there. Um, hmmm… Well.

COVID chicken that I am, I am finding it almost IMPOSSIBLE to keep the GG on the same level of lockdown I keep myself on. There are trips to Kroger to get beer and stuff for FlaMan and “sandwich thins” for himself. There are endless trips to hardware stores and occasional forays over to REI to drop off North Country Trail propaganda and “look around”.

As the pandemic wears on albeit with a few pinpoints of light out there in the darkness, I have loosened my attempted restrictions on him a wee bit despite many misgivings. If he’s walking to downtown, I “let” him set foot into Kerrytown to get the chickens he likes to grill and lamb stew meat and swordfish scallopini or whatever we have a hankering for. He does comply with masking as I think most people on the Planet Ann Arbor do. Although today, when he walked down to get the chicken he didn’t get the other day, he had an encounter somewhere in the area with an unmasked predator. There are sometimes shady characters near the Main/Miller intersection. But he moved past the guy without engaging.

Vaccine? Yes but not easy to get for now. It’s okay. I am not an essential worker. My parents are long dead so I don’t have to deal with them. BTW thank god they didn’t have to live through this crapola. I am a privileged person with a job I can telecommute to and I have the resources to order groceries, etc. whenever I want and from wherever (yer taaaarrred o’ hearin’ all that).

Essential workers NEED to be first in line and I consider TEACHERS and GROCERY/RETAIL WORKERS to be just as essential as health care workers. They are up front and center with the public. I don’t understand why the in-person school issue has been politicized as a frickin’ union issue. Teachers fear for their lives and their unions SHOULD be supporting them. That’s not a party politics issue to me. It is life and death. My mom was a teacher goddammit and so glad she lived into her 90s without being taken out by a student breathing on her.

I did a nice curbside pickup at Plum this morning and then Argus Farm Stop delivered a bunch of stuff later on. Rainbow carrots and a ton of spinach and beautiful little red onions and Lotus Farms goat cheese spread and Roos Roast Lobster Butter Love coffee beans and asparagus-filled ravioli and Uncle Peter’s pasties and and and I fergit what else. I haven’t ordered from Argus since before xmas but that’s mainly because I needed to have a Come To Jesus meeting with my pandemic grocery stash.

So the lamb stew meat the GG DID buy the day he didn’t buy a chicken (he was SUPPOSED to buy lamb stew meat so that was cool) is simmering with rainbow carrots and some onions and some dried cherries that aren’t in my vintage Sunset recipe book but were on my counter so what the heck.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t vaccinate 70+ and teachers, versus 65+ and no teachers. 65 isn’t that elderly! Many people are retired at that age and can isolate. Teachers in the classroom can’t. End of rant.