UFO hunting

Putt-putting along out in the county in Mooon Yooonit, slow as she goes. I love trees like this, especially in the winter when you can see their bones. Oak? I dunno. I know red pine and white pine and a few others, tamarack, etc.

My yooperland granddaddy (Grandberry) once took a bunch of us kids on a walk down the old overgrown two-track to the Three Sisters (three similar sized red pine trees in a row) when we were very small and taught us the difference between red and white pines – number of needles, bark, etc. I’ve never been much of a naturalist but I remember those lessons clear as a bell. I think my mouse has some of the same DNA as her great-granddaddy. Also her great uncle Austin from the Commander’s side of the fam. He kept things like owls in the refrigerator as a kid and grew up to run the Great Lake State DNR.

Anyway, there was one of these trees (in the pic) over at Cubelandia and I swear every time I drove home from work I wanted to take a photo. 13 years and never did. Yes I could drive over there now, after all it’s a Pittsfield Township public street. Somehow I lack motivation for that. My long and lovely sojourn of being physically located over there is over and we’re off into a new age.

Today I saw this tree. We slowed waaaay down and I grabbed this pic. As I was taking it, I realized there was a streak of windshield glare or reflection or whatever you want to call it. I *could* have gotten OUT OF THE CAR and taken a better one without the glare. For whatever reason, I didn’t think of it. For about a split-second, I was thinking it wasn’t worth posting anywhere. Then I got hold of myself! Hey, KW, OWN this! Call it a flying saucer and you are good to go!

Grandberry? My yooper granddaddy was a legendary blueberry picker. Once when I was a young teenager, he returned from a berry picking trip and Radical Betty (Grandberry’s daughter) and some other ladies in her generation were, well, a little bit lit from a weeee bit of Day Drinking. Yee hee hee. Radical Betty looked at his haul and said, “Look at all the strawdaddies Grandberry has picked!” I’m a little puzzled by this thinking back on it because I know of no big wild strawberry patches up there. Blueberries, yes, and he knew where they were, including on our land. Anyway, we all laughed uproariously. Except probably Grandberry, who was a teetotaler.

One Response to “UFO hunting”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am a legendary blueberry picker. Love the story! The picture is beautiful and also has a story behind it.