Silence is golden

So this is the other pic I took on our foray out into Washtenaw County yesterday. This time I made the GG back up and get into exactly the right position to get the signs in their entirety. I was a wee bit nervous that the folks in the farmhouse might notice us and come out a-shootin’ but we were undisturbed. And yes, I am exaggerating.

I posted this on Instagram yesterday along with a STRONG DISCLAIMER that I am NOT a Trump fan. A young friend noticed the irony (is that the right word?) about jobs and mobs, comparing it to January 6, 2020. And yes, that’s one of the main reasons I took the pic. Because I STILL don’t know why people continue to support Trump. Again. He does not care about anyone in this country except HIMSELF (and maybe Ivanka).

A month or so out from the Great Deplatforming, a lot of us are breathing a lot easier. I don’t really ever have much trouble sleeping. I do sometimes wake up at that Batscope Hour and struggle to get back to sleep. But I made peace with that many years ago. What I hated in the Trumpian era was waking up when it was TIME to wake up. I would check weather and email and then I would flip over to Twitter. Jeebus! Who did he name-call? How many times did he call himself the best president ever? Who did he faaaaarrr? A classic bully with a worldwide platform.

Why did I follow his Twitter feed? Because it felt like my civic duty to keep track of all the crapola he tweeted. Maybe I couldn’t do anything about his nutsy-ness but I knew that we HAD TO GET THIS ASSHOLE OUT! In the end I didn’t convince any of my own speshul Trumpers (I tried) but enough others were apparently convinced that he is out. Thanks y’all!

Once again and this time I’m shouting it from Lady Liberty. I grew up in a family that voted republican. Trump is not the kind of republican my parents voted for and what the republican party is turning into does not reflect my parents’ values. Aside from that, Lady Liberty says that not wearing a mask during a pandemic is NOT exercising freedom. It is endangering other people’s lives. I know. She told me.

Love y’all but please please please wear a mask,

One Response to “Silence is golden”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We still have a few of those old style Republicans here in WA but they seem to be disappearing completely, especially in the south. I believe that we NEED a solid, fiscally responsible, ethical and SANE GOP for balance. Right now, we’re definitely not there, even with Biden in the White House. I’m not as jumpy as I was (I read the tweets too) but I wish I could be more hopeful.