Orange Betty

Another day, another dollar. I received the first pic from a beach urchin this afternoon. I know the elephants but I didn’t really process that they were driving a stick shift and not one that I recognized. The accompanying text message was an advance warning that a beach urchin was coming over in an hour or so to use the Landfill printer. Oh, okay, she’s printing her taxes, I thought. Fine. We’ll be masked.

I had a War Meeting with Amazon Woman scheduled during the time of printer usage. We are ramping up our next web app release and need to be on the same page regarding some slippery functionality and the vocabulary that will keep Mr. Bear from freaking out, aka it’s a REQUIREMENTS meeting, NOT a DESIGN meeting. Don’t ask me to ‘splain that. Jeebus.

It was all good. I figgered the beach urchin would come in, print something and leave and it wouldn’t interrupt my meeting in any significant way although I did mention to AW that my daughter would be stopping by.

And then… This brilliant orange entity pulled in to my driveway. I was expecting a dirty old green thing. This wildly disrupted our meeting and not because I suddenly disappeared behind a cat filter. I started yelling, “OMG, she has a new car!” AW asked if I wanted to call her back and yes, yes, yes, I did although I only needed a few minutes to suit up enough to go outside and take a pic.

This is not my story to tell but I have been on the periphery of it throughout the winter so I’m gonna tell my side of it. A car search has been going on for a while and I have (happily) been on the receiving end of umpteen gazillion text messages with links to Subaru and Honda cars. I have followed enough links that Facebook now regularly serves up Subaru ads alongside my timeline or whatever it is.

It is hard to buy your first vee-hickle (her previous ones were hand-me-downs from us). When I bought mine, my dad and brother – both bigtime car guys – were actively involved. Nowadays I let the GG pick out the vee-hickle and do the bizness end. He knows my rules. No American car companies. My experience with American companies is that the cars become problematical much earlier than Japanese. And most Japanese cars are made in the USA so I’m not sure they are taking jobs away from American workers. But that’s kinda beside the point.

This vee-hickle was previously named Betty. It may acquire a new name but since Radical Betty was my dad’s sister, my mom’s best friend, and a wonderful aunt to two generations of nieces and nephews, I believe it is a positive omen that this was its name.

3 Responses to “Orange Betty”

  1. jane Says:

    So cute! Can’t wait to meet her in person.

  2. Mouse Says:

    Sorry about the meeting! Use of printer allowed me to go directly to the SOS and get the entire process done in one day. Such a relief. Going to miss that dirty old green thing!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Great car! I love Subies! Looks like a Crosstrek.