Yelling and Screaming

Oh, not me although there were some times today when I wanted to. I won’t describe my workday except to say that Amazon Woman and I were online again this afternoon strategizing. She apologized for somebody running some kind of power tool in her house (she had a house built a couple years ago and is in the process of customizing various things). I couldn’t hear the power tool. My background noise was Trump yelling and screaming. She couldn’t hear that.

She has not been watching the SECOND impeachment trial. I have not been watching it either (I don’t really watch TV) but I usually have National Petroleum Radio on so I have been HEARING it at least when I actively listen to it. Make no mistake, I think the Orange Baboon will NOT be convicted. On the one hand, I am amazed at his lawyers’ idiocy (except it doesn’t really matter because he’s not gonna get convicted anyway). But yesterday the Dems played videos of Trump telling his “base” they needed to “fight”. Today, the “defense” strung together mini-clips of various senators and reps using the word “fight”. Over and over again… Difference? “Fighting” for help for disadvantaged people (who more often than not legitimately need help) is not the same as inciting insurrection. But whatever.

On the other hand, there are a LOT of incompetent lawyers out there, including the two who were hired to viciously harass me and my family after The Commander died. But you’d think tRump could afford better lawyers than the person who hired my family’s tormentors could. In the end, those lawyers didn’t do anything positive for their client, not that I could figger out. tRump’s lawyers are nothing more than theatre and bad theatre at that. But so what? He won’t be convicted.

Anyway, the top pic is of a large suspension bridge. I’ll let y’all guess which one. I didn’t take it. I’m on the Planet Ann Arbor. I did Plum Market curbside today and we have enough snow in the street that Ninja alerted me that her traction control system was activated. The bottom pic is the Twinz of Terror, who took the pic. Aren’t they cute with their Stormy Cromer hats and COVID hair? At least the GG (on the left) has COVID hair.

One Response to “Yelling and Screaming”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wish I could believe that he might be convicted, but alas, I’m too realistic. And very disgusted by the GOP.