Going on a year

It was just a few days more than a year ago that we spent our annual long weekend with our North Country Trail buddies in the DNR lodge at Tahquamenon. The coronavirus was in the back of our minds (at least MY mind) but nobody was talking about it. There we were, sharing space, eating together, going to the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery Den of Iniquity. Little did we know what was lurking.

I remember sitting there in the Den, which was jam packed as always and we were all packed around a table. Yeah, just pull up a chair, we’ll squeeze you in! I was sitting next to a Canadian woman who lives near Gros Cap, across from Iroquois Point at the mouth of the St. Marys River. I said, “I can see your house from my cabin” and LEANED IN to show her a pic. Of course I can’t really see her house but I have been looking out from our family beach at the Gros Cap land formation my whole life.

We didn’t do the DNR lodge weekend this year because you know. The GG went up to meet with some DNR folks. I HOPE they are all masked and distancing appropriately. Hiking by itself is a low-risk activity that I don’t worry about. He is staying at the Driftwood with his other half and they are no doubt carpooling. I am forever nervous about these kinds of arrangements. I don’t think they quite get the fact that the coronavirus doesn’t give a flying you-know-what that they were once womb-mates. To the virus, a human is a human is a human, identical DNA or not. But despite the fact that the Twinz are not particularly aligned with me in a political sense, they do comply with “the rules” although the GG often pretends he’s gonna do risky stuff or tries to goad me to do risky stuff just to push my buttons.

This is one of my fave pics ever. The Comm, me, and the Engineer at Tahq. I think I was about eight. It totally cracks me up that nowadays I wear an almost identical winter outfit. Except that now it’s mostly black, sometimes with some sparkly bits.

One Response to “Going on a year”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great photo! My late husband would have goaded me too and we didn’t agree much on politics either. 🙂 A year ago seems like another world ago.