Yooper gal

What’d I tell y’all yesterday about how my winter outerwear fashion choices haven’t really changed since I was eight. Black bomber hat – you can’t see the silver sequins in this pic – over a little black balaclava, thin but warm. Patagonia polartech jacket and long gray wool skirt over whatever layers. The sunglasses were just plain funny. They were my only purchase besides grocks and booze when we went to our cousin’s wedding out on Lopez Island. Despite all the snow, this outfit was overkill for the weather. It was warm and all that snow was starting to melt by the time of day this photooo was taken.

So it is Valentine’s Day. We don’t really celebrate it in any big way but it is my late mother-in-law’s birthday. So happy heavenly birthday to the Beautiful Sally. I am not religious but the cFam practiced Catholicism (some still do and the GG can fake it if he wants to) and I’m sure heaven is where Sally is.

Okay, a year ago, we were not really thinking about COVID. It was Friday and our friends of porterization suggested a deviation from our usual habit of walking to meet them at various downtown Planet Ann Arbor restaurants. We drove down to Clinton for a special Valentine’s Day dinner put on by the new owners of a historic hotel. I remember my boss asking me what I was doing for Vday and I rather sheepishly reported that we were doing something sorta romantic. We were actually meeting FACE TO FACE IN A CONFERENCE ROOM AT CUBELANDIA that day.

So it was all fine except for the part where we discovered how NANNY Mooon Yooonit gets if somebody doesn’t put their seatbelt on. I mean everyone was TRYING to get their seatbelt on but there was a wee bit of difficulty in the back seat that went on for a while and Mooon Yooonit went absolutely NUTS. Ding ding ding ding ding ding dingity dingity ding. Eventually it got sorted out and Mooon Yooonit shut up.

2 Responses to “Yooper gal”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great snow pose pic! If I could get out and walk I would wear my comfy balaclava, but the roads (and shoulders) around my house are too treacherous. Maybe tomorrow. John and I didn’t celebrate, but he offered to bring over a pizza if the roads were decent. I told him to stay home and stay safe, that we could celebrate any day!

  2. Mark Axe Says:

    Does your RAV4 never completely fill its tank? I got a not quite a recall notice from Toyota about this, more of a heads up on a possible recall. I’ve noticed that I can normally only fill the tank 7/8 full.