Looking for spring, nowhere in sight

Here you can see at least a few of the sequins on my bomber hat. I am TERRIBLE at selfies (I even own a stick) but I managed this one. I think it was on a Friday afternoon as I was getting ready to schlep down to the Oscar Tango to meet the crew for dinner. It was 2014, the Polar Vortex winter. You know the one, when Canananada got drunk and….

A huge snowstorm began that New Year’s Day and the local road departments never really got caught up with clearing that stuff before more snow came down. And down. And down. Forever. The roads were snow-covered on top of a loverly ice base ALL WINTER!

I chose to work from home that January 2 and it turned out that was a good thing because the parking lot at Cubelandia had not been plowed and almost everyone who drove over there got stuck. When the plows finally came, people had to go out and push cars around so the plows could actually clear snow. The Benevolent Despot apparently bellowed his frustration with something like, “If people are gonna drive over here just to push a bunch of cars around, I don’t see why we don’t all work from home.” Here it is 2021 and we are working from home. Permanently.

The hat has a story in that it is a gift from The Commander on one of her last xmases. The story involves differences between my mother’s and my taste in clothing, etc. She spent my childhood years trying her best to dress me “elegantly”. I don’t really like to dress “elegantly”. In one grade school memory, we were choosing between two dresses for me. We ended up with a elegant plain blue shift kind of thing instead of the beautiful blue flowered full-skirted, puff-sleeved number that I preferred.

Of course as I went through my teen years I began choosing my own outfits more and more plus I LEARNED TO SEW (‘nother day). I’m not sure she was ever all that happy with my garish taste but we co-existed well.

And then, the fall before that penultimate xmas, I was up in Siberia and we were in Barishes and there was *my* black sparkly bomber hat! I was in love. She peered at the garishly sequined hat and she peered at me and asked, “Do you really like that hat?” Yes, yes, I do. And so when I was opening xmas presents, there it was! Oddly enough, I didn’t actually wear it for a year or so, not sure why. And then one day I put it on and walked forth in confidence. I got umpteen bazillion compliments about it. Now I wish I had two or three of that hat.

Love y’all and miss The Comm,

One Response to “Looking for spring, nowhere in sight”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You look very dashing! I am still finding my style. I used to dress up a lot for teaching, then went to slacks and blouses. Now I live in sports leggings and tee-shirts, with a sweatshirt over the top if it’s cold. I miss going out in dressy leggings, blouses and boots. (my dressy clothes) Maybe someday?