What did the snowman do…

I am spoiled now that The Pensioner has a yooper-sized snowblower. We “inherited” my dad’s yooper-sized blower after The Comm joined the Ryerson party bote in the sky but we “donated” that one to the cFam “group home” at Hoton Lake. A few years later, I “bought” this one for TP for xmas. I mean he picked it out and bought it — in October — and I “gave” it to him for xmas, after it had already been used at least once.

I used to do most of the shoveling around here, especially when he was still gainfully employed. I actually enjoyed it. I’m kind of amazed at how much I don’t miss it. In fact, today I actually had to complain a bit about a glitch! There was no path to the compost heap! He ALWAYS blows a path to the compost heap. I mean, I couldda put my boots on and trudged out there. But it’s a lot easier to just throw on my sandals and walk a cleared path. I did wear boots for my 0-skunk-30 this morning. I was out before most people had a chance to clear their sidewalks so I was trudging.

Y’all don’t really wanna know about my work much but today had its minor successes. The main one being that I was BANGING MY BRAIN against an obtuse description in our defect/change tracking system. I was on the verge of asking a Stupid Question. I know. I know. There are no Stupid Questions and I am not afraid to ask Stupid Questions. But before I ask, I like to dredge up as much background information as possible. So I was dredging today and I found a document written by my retired colleague W1.5, who worked for YEARS on our legacy system, which doesn’t exist any more. Bingo! I didn’t get a definitive answer out of this but I think I know how to ask an intelligent question, or at least a less-stupid one.

I miss W1.5. He was one of the first people I met when I went to Cubelandia to meet with the LSCHP for my STUDENT INTERNSHIP interview. I was nervous as all getout but when I met W1.5 and a few other folks who were my age or older, I felt like I had maybe found a home. W1.5 was doing something at the command line on his computer. I have NEVER worked at the command line at Cubelandia but I did in my childhood job at That Darn EPA.

So, the GG did go out and blow a path to the compost heap and then, just to be all mavericky or whatever, he cut a path right through the front yard. I posted this photooo on FB and tagged the GG so all of his fans (and he has them) could send him some love and they are doing that.

Oh yeah. What did the snowman do when he heard the snowblower coming? This is a G-rated (mostly) blahg so y’all will have to remember our old childhood joke or manufacture yer own.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Snow blowing looks kind of like fun!