Infrastructure Week?

There’s a lot of talk about what’s going down in Texas right now. One of the threads of conversation that I am pretty tired of at this point is how bad Texas folk are at driving in snow and ice. Nothing is ever simple. For one thing, not everyone who lives in Texas was born there. I think quite a few have migrated there from places further north where winters include plenty of snow and ice.

For those who do NOT know how to drive on snow and ice, why are we denigrating them? Of COURSE they don’t have winter driving experience. What are we supposed to do? Send all the southerners up to the Great Lake State for a 2-week winter driving course during their driver’s ed training? Who’s gonna pay for it? The gubmint? Come on and cut these folks some slack. Big pileups or small, people are dying. As a native Michigander, I *do* have winter driving experience. Maybe because of that experience, I prefer to stay off the roads in snow and ice.

I do not have anything approaching extensive knowledge about power grids. Obviously Texas’s grid is not handling the conditions down there. I know there are a lot of hard-working hands-on folks down there who are up to their ears and risking COVID exposure to get the grid working again. Unfortunately there also seems to be a lot of finger pointing. Wind power. The Green New Deal (which last I looked did NOT magically happen with Biden’s inauguration). You name it. The Colorado City TX mayor resigned after an inflammatory social media post that callously told people they were on their own (google it). Yes to a certain extent we are ALL responsible for our own welfare during disasters (not to mention helping out our neighbors) but come on. We do pay taxes in part to support infrastructure and anyway, how did that a-hole get elected in the first place. MAGA idiot probably catering to MAGA idiots? Sigh. Can we get rid of the mean-ness?

So, what ever happened to Infrastructure Week anyway? We kept hearing about that throughout the campaign and early years of the Trumpian Bombasty. I mean, he built a wall (or claimed to). Was that his infrastructure plan? I don’t get how the small expansions/repairs he made to the existing wall (that Mexico did NOT pay for) help all of the Texans caught in the weather/infrastructure debacle going down right now? I cannot fathom.

I randomly came across this Twitter thread today. I dunno if it’s totally true but it cracked me up. If you are not one o’ them thar “socialists” like me, you may not wanna click that link. P.S. I am NOT a socialist.

Yes, we have a big ice p*nis stalagmite in our back yard. I think that pipe thingy above it drips water. So much for G-rated blahg, roight?

2 Responses to “Infrastructure Week?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Maybe that p*nis needs some blower action? Too R rated?? 😉 Texas has its own power grid to avoid regulation but didn’t sink enough money into it to make it work in this type of weather. Their wind turbines don’t have heaters, not that the % of power from them is causing this issue. I had read it was more about the natural gas. I feel the same way when people criticize W. Western drivers for not knowing how to drive in the snow. In fact, I get quite defensive. Many transplants who think they are experienced in the snow/ice end up sliding down hills, in ditches, and skidding around on unplowed (wet and slippery) snow.

  2. Pooh Says:

    check out this youtube video for some people (and cars) who do know how to drive on ice.