Oh, not today. That weak sun was my late afternoon view out the front of the Landfill.

Yesterday we went to Argentine. Actually we went to Flint (yes, that Flint). We went to Flint to participate in a can exchange with FlaMan. The deal is, if his empty cans are fully drained of beer and neatly bagged (or even just bagged) when we get there, they are magically replaced with full cans. It was a while before the GG managed to train FlaMan to follow that procedure but a man does need his beer so Pavlovian conditioning eventually yielded a result. Last time the GG brought a haul of cans down here it was Recycle Eve, so he put them out in the street and the neighbor across the street IMMEDIATELY snagged them.

Another rule the GG has adopted, after narrowly missing a black ice accident in January 2020, is “I don’t do 100 mile beer runs in bad weather.”

I didn’t really want to go to Flint yesterday. I was up for a road trip and the weather was fine and the roads were dry but the easiest way to get to Flint is up the freeway and I was NOT up for a freeway trip. So the GG offered me a trip up “through Pinckney”. We turned in the wrong place and didn’t ever end up in Pinckney but we meandered the back roads through and around a number of other little burgs and that was cool.

Including Argentine. I often follow along on our meanders with GooMaps on my phone. When Argentine Road came in to view I squeeed just a bit, silently to myself. But I couldn’t remember why it was familiar. Then we crossed Clyde Road and… Oh yeah, when we used to take our girl scout troop for overnights at Camp Linden, we would exit the freeway at Clyde, drive a bit west to Argentine and turn north to… Hmmm… What was that road? It was a little road on the left and I don’t think we took ONE trip to that camp that we didn’t MISS THE TURN and the whole convoy of mini-vans had to do u-ies to get back on track.

I looked for the turn on our way north but missed it. But. We ended up taking Argentine partway home too and this time, I looked up from my phone to see a road sign proclaim HOGAN ROAD! YES!!! That was it! We didn’t explore any further yesterday (the drive was getting to be a little looooong) but we’ll go back some other time and check it out.

Because a couple of area girl scout camps have closed since my kids were troop members, I wasn’t even sure Camp Linden was open but according to The Google, it is alive and thriving. And has a rifle range… I’m sure the GG was interested in that little tidbit.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I haven’t done enough of that during the pandemic–road trips over country lanes. I always worry about bathroom issues. Sigh.