A little color if you will?

And other trivia.

Like two (count ’em) recent postal experiences. One, I got a text from “Marc” at the “USPS” that he had tried to deliver a package but no one was home and I could click the link to discuss delivery options with him. Um, noooo. For one thing, this is a known scam. Even if it had a chance of being real, there is someone here (usually meeeee) 99% of the time. I see almost ALL deliveries of everything from my vantage point at TeleCubelandia The Green Couch. So, NOOOO, I did not click the link.

The funny thing is that I was actually expecting a delivery from Amazon via USPS. Amazon kept telling me it was late, then it said it was probably lost. Did I want a refund? I clicked the tracking link and guess where it was last seen? Anyone guess Texas? Houston. I cracked up. I decided to wait a bit longer. Lo and behold, it arrived today. It wasn’t anything critical to my existence or even my happiness. Just a package of Windex wipes. I started buying cleaning/household supplies via Amazon waaaaay before the pandemic. The short story is I don’t enjoy spending any more time in the big grock stores than I have to.

So a few postal thoughts. 1) I don’t blame either of these issues directly on DeJoy or tRump or even the postal service. Really, I don’t (as much as I HATE tRump). 2) I believe postal service reform is necessary but probably not for the same reasons as DeJoy and tRump might think it is. 3) I think designing positive changes to the postal service will be extremely complex and I doubt that DeJoy is the person to lead the effort. 4) This has nothing to do with our neighborhood carriers who typically do their jobs competently even when under stress, like they have been doing throughout this pandemic year and recent snow storms.

Can I just say that I CONTINUE to be NOT READY to dine INSIDE a restaurant or even OUTSIDE one. I don’t care if case numbers are plummeting. We (aka SCIENCE) don’t really know why they are declining or whether they’ll go back up. Vaccines are still not readily available, at least not in our county, except for folks in elder care facilities and medical workers (who SHOULD be getting them). I strongly believe that other essential workers should take priority, like grocery/retail/restaurant workers. And TEACHERS if we continue to talk about returning to in-person classes. More on that if I ever get my writing chops together on that subject but I seethe when parents complain about their kids’ their struggles with online school without mentioning that teachers have needlessly lost their lives.

I love the Dexter pub. It was one of our go-to places back in 2006 when my dad was incarcerated in the Henry Ford Hoosegow with a smashed pelvis and The Commander was staying in a hospital campus apartment. I drove over there almost every day, usually in Daisy (2005 blue Honda Civic, still in the fam but likely to leave soon). Fortunately, it was a very dry winter. Many nights I would get home and send out a daily status email to family and friends and then we would drive out to Dexter for dinner.

Alas, the Dexter pub would not be my first choice for a return to indoor dining. They may well follow the rules for occupancy and seating, etc., but I wonder what their ventilation system is like.

Also, a lot of us have COVID hair (including me) but I do not like to be out in public with a baggy old guy sporting a COVID Mohawk🐽🐽🐽

We will eat chili at the Dexter pub bar again someday🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “A little color if you will?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Covid hair here! I am not ready to eat in at a restaurant either, although I may want to during the summer, if I can do so outside at the waterfront. I would love to get vaccinated and hope that teachers(like subs!) are in the next group.