Learn something new every day

I have owned Gertrude for going on 10 years now. I went to turn her top oven on to heat up some leftover enchiladas for dinner tonight. As I leaned in to click upper-oven bake 200 start, somehow “chicken nuggets” caught my eye. Wait! What? Gertrude has a SETTING for CHICKEN NUGGETS? I use the timer function just below all the time. That is I use it twice a year when I make Chex mix (three times this year because I didn’t want the leftover cereal to get stale and end up in the compost).

We bought Gertrude BEFORE we gutted the crappy old 70s Landfill Chitchen. Why did we buy a new stove? I’m not sure how old the stove that came with the landfill was but it was OLD when we moved in and occasionally one or another of the electric burner coils (or whatever they are) would crap out. The GG would go over to Master Tech and order a new one, install it, and we’d be good to go.

So once, I was over at Cubelandia and a beach urchin was cooking something and one of those old burner coils burned out in a SPECTACULAR way. As much as I’m glad she wasn’t injured in any way, I’m also kind of glad I wasn’t home. I’m sure she was a lot calmer than I wouldda been. This time when the GG went over to Master Tech, he could not get a replacement.

Well, okay. Being US, we couldn’t agree on a replacement stove so we lived with a three burner stove for a couple years. Eventually we took another stab at it and there was Gertrude big as life. That’s my stove, I said, and even though she is a brand that isn’t particularly highly rated for quality, she has served us well (knock on wood).

I have never baked chicken nuggets in Gertrude and I doubt I ever will.

One Response to “Learn something new every day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never seen a Chicken Nuggets setting! What brand is Gertrude? My stove/oven is 25 years old, along with my fridge so there is spending $$ in my future.