Boring day but that can be okay

What can I say? Took my 0-skunk-30, then settled in to a morning of vacuuming, mopping, laundry and…

…ordering stuff on the internet. Lemme see, cleaning/household crapola. I’ve been ordering a lot of that stuff from Amazon since waaaay before the pandemic. It usually works out well. Aaaaand… Monkfish from Luke’s Lobster. Yeah, Julia Child’s fave fish. I have a vague memory of that episode and also think I have it in a cookbook. And then tamales I randomly ran across online. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve ordered from Luke’s before but not from the tamale place.

And yes, I know I can probably get both of those things locally, the monkfish when Monahan’s has it, the tamales probably any time. I do like that Luke’s is (according to a NYT article) involved in supporting the Maine fishing community and other folk. As much as I try to reduce my Pandemic Food Stash, I seem to also keep increasing it. I guess we have a “complicated” relationship?

In the afternoon, I settled in to finishing Echo Wife, which I started after work yesterday. This is a REALLY STRANGE book and I highly doubt it would be everyone’s cuppa but I enjoyed it a lot. I was gonna give it a 4 (out of 5). There were three instances of “exact same” and other flaws that I can’t easily articulate. But the story hung together for me despite many moments of “wait, what?” and after I read the author’s acknowledgements I bumped my rating up to 5. I dunno what to say except google it if you don’t know me well enough to have an idea of my sometimes weird taste in reading material.

Amazon Woman and I usually touch base on Mondays (which I GREATLY appreciate BTW). I love a boss who keeps in touch and provides support where needed but doesn’t micromanage. Anyway, she always asks how my weekend was and more often than not my answer is “boring”. Her life is a lot more interesting but then, she has an almost-teenage child. My life was maybe more interesting when I had teenage children. But inside my head it is NEVER boring.

So here is “my” woods (i.e., behind the Landfill) today. Wet and muddy except for the “trail”, which is totally glare ice. I climbed up on a big pile of leaves to get this pic. I have plenty of water and mud in my back yard but the paths are not icy and the glaciers are melting. A beach urchin reports that the weather forecast for tomorrow includes possible thunderstorms. I’m a bit skeptical but if so, bring ’em on!

One Response to “Boring day but that can be okay”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My life is mostly boring, but I’ve found that I prefer that. Excitement in my world has usually been negative. I’ll take mundane.