Incited by 🐭

The pic, that is. The moooooooon rises in the back yard so if I am hanging out in the front of the house, I sometimes miss it if I’m not thinking about it. Or if it’s cloudy.

So, we go in and out of marriage phases (don’t worry, this isn’t gonna end in a “hold onto your shorts” moment). When I was a “kid” and first married to the GG (and we were 28 then so we weren’t really “kids”), I used to be nervous if he was outta town and I was in the house alone. That feeling intensified when we had our children. What if someone breaks in or a weird person comes to the door? No one has ever broken in (knock on wood) and weird people sometimes came to the door pre-COVID and I dealt with them.

Fast forward to middle/high school kids. I got less nervous and there were weekends when it was kinda Girls Alone and Dad with his Twin Brother. Which was okay with me. And there were all the times I drove with my daughters to the yooperland to hang out at the moominbeach with the moominfam.

When they were young, I drove but I’m particularly remembering a time when we were driving tandem with me in the POC (crappy old ISLAND TEAL Plymouth minivan) and them in the Indefatigable (ancient Jeep Wrangler). The 16-year-old was driving and when we stopped to gas up at Indian River, a young couple next to my vee-hickle were changing a newborn baby girl and I remember thinking that in 16 years, they might be driving tandem with their daughter in another car.

Later on, at a time when the GG was still working and I was not, I was frequently traveling solo to the yooperland and The Commander once wondered if our marriage was okay. She figgered out that it WAS. And it WAS, *I* was checking up on The Commander and Radical Betty. And spreading my wings.

Now. In the COVID days… We are together all day every day. When he goes outta town, I am happy. We love each other but we both need space. And (knock on wood) I am never a-skeered of staying at the Landfill alone. Not even when I hear people drag racing on N. Maple. Yes, really.

One Response to “Incited by 🐭”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think that space is good for a marriage and that as we age, we become more confident in our abilities to handle life. Mostly.