When Microsoft comes calling, don’t answer

At least not unless you are EXPECTING Microsoft to call.

Not only did I earn my pay as a systems analyst in the online banking industry today, I had the rather dubious “pleasure” of helping untangle a mess with a money transfer app. It wasn’t my mess and I won’t out the mess-ee. It wasn’t the GG’s mess either except for his role in sorting it out. Short story, canceled card.

That said, I use a money transfer app on my phone. It doesn’t really matter which one it is although it wasn’t the same one as was used in today’s mess. I use my app to send money to a VERY limited number of people. When I send money to them, they don’t get asked to enter any kind of personal information in order to collect it. We have to accept a connection with the first transaction and after that, it just goes.

I spent a good amount of time this afternoon (between the cracks of doing my PAID job) helping the GG get set up on my app so he would understand how these things work. I transferred $10 to him and, in the end, the transfer was successful. No this wasn’t a useless transaction from our bank account to our bank account. He set up a different receiver for the money. One that I am not even privy to. Which is okay.

I am here to remind everyone, if anyone calls/texts/emails/whatever telling you that they have money for you if you click a link and provide personal information: 1) DO NOT CLICK THE LINK and 2) DELETE THE MESSAGE PRONTO!!! It is not Microsoft. Microsoft doesn’t hand out money to random people. *I* do not hand out money to random people, so if you get that kind of message from meeeee, it is NOT MEEEEEE!

If you want to use a money transfer app, make sure you are connected ONLY with people you know and trust. And make sure you TALK to them offline (outside of the money app) to agree to be connected. The online banking industry is diligent about keeping up with security but it’s still a whack-a-mole game.

Willya look at that “gawky” looking kid? Gawky is her word. I agree that she is wearing a funny (but happy) expression but this person has NEVER been even one iota of gawky. Yah, I know I’m her moom. She obviously doesn’t take after meeeeee. This pic? Over the weekend, I found some old photos with the .pict extension. I think they came from a Quick Cam(?) that we used to use. My brand new laptop/OS couldn’t display them. I did The Google and found a conversion site and they are now little (38K) jpgs.

March came in more or less lambish (except for the wind) here on the Planet Ann Arbor. Sault Ste. Siberia was by all reports another story. Whiteout conditions and icy icy icy roads.

Love y’all and g’night, KW

One Response to “When Microsoft comes calling, don’t answer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great photo! I am a bit terrified of those money exchanging apps although both my kids use them. I’m still more of a cash person.