You callin’ yo mama a bitch? 🤣

I posted this pic a year ago today AS I WAS LEAVING CUBELANDIA FOR MY COMMUTE HOME. It wasn’t my last commute. When I got home, I wrote this blahg entry, which obviously turned out to be WRONG WRONG WRONG. Aerosolized virus anyone? Yep, that’s what we were dealing with. One thing I wrote a year ago continues to be true and that is that we still don’t totally know the science behind this virus. We won’t talk about the fossils who run Texas and Mississippi except to say that, at least in Texas, some of the mayors and businesses are putting the brakes on the Big Unmasking. What a bunch of fools our ignorant semi-educated masses have elected. If y’all don’t want to vote for “socialist” candidates, at least run some Republican candidates who actually care about someone other than themselves, not to mention science.

I am deep into a very interesting novel, Moloka’i, which is about a girl/woman who spent her life in a leper colony there. After a long confusing day deciphering one of the worst spreadsheets I have ever encountered (I DID NOT CREATE IT), I did a reading session after I logged off from TeleCubelandia this afternoon. And had a terrible time putting the book down. Leprosy was a horrible disease for those who contracted it but that I know of it never reached pandemic proportions. Eventually it was renamed Hansen’s Disease and apparently is now easily cured by antibiotics, which is why I said “was” in the last sentence. At any rate, I am not [too] freaked out reading it given our ongoing pandemic, although I certainly feel empathy for the afflicted characters. An actual pandemic novel Earth Abides (do The Google) is on my re-read list but I am not ready to revisit that one just yet…

Just for fun, a text message play…

A beach urchin, arriving at the Rifle River Rec Area: [picture of safe arrival at rental camp cabin]
The GG: Which cabin?
KW: Which cabin? [jeebus]
Beach urchin: Bitch
Beach urchin: BIRCH
Beach urchin: OMG!!!!! 😳
[a couple more texts]
KW: You callin’ yo mama a bitch?🤣

I love iPhone autocorrect, don’t you?

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We read Moloka’i for Book Club and it was one of our best discussions. Although I wasn’t a fan of the writing, which I found choppy, the story, the history and the culture were fascinating. I learned a lot! Why do so many people vote for these ignorant, selfish idiots?