New socks

If you are not a bourbon fan, you may not recognize that these are none other than Maker’s Mark socks! I found them in teleCubelandia today after the GG arrived home from yet another trip to the Great White North.

Apparently he bought a bottle of Maker’s Mark on an earlier trip and the socks came with the bottle but he accidentally left the socks at the Uncly Uncle’s house. They are too small for men and The Beautiful Gay is really more of a vodka gal, so she was not interested. Actually, TBG is a VERY elegant woman who probably wouldn’t be caught dead in any sort of booze socks. Her sister-in-law (aka meeeeee), yeah, bring ’em on. I’ll probably wear my Frog Socks on St. Paddy’s Day, even though no one but the GG will see them.

Yes, the GG is traveling and has been since last spring. I am not all that comfortable with it except that… 1) These are exclusively road trips in Mooon Yooonit (and occasionally Ninja) (and he can pee anywhere because he is a maaaaaan). 2) They are hiking trips, solo or with VERY few people. 3) He stays mainly in hotels/air-bnbs or the Lyme Lounge ALONE. 4) He takes his own food and supplements that by take-out food. 5) His polly-ticks are different than mine and I don’t totally understand what they are but he does comply with masking and social distancing.

Vaccines? Not yet although we are eligible by age. Friends and relatives are s-l-o-w-l-y reporting vaccinations. I am registered in a few places but have not received an invitation yet. I am PERSONALLY okay with this since I am “rich” (emphasis on quotes) and can hunker down in my comfortable house doing my cozy little job and earning a nice little chunk of change. I do not have grandchildren and while I miss seeing my adult children, we are okay. A lot of folks (going by Nextdoor Neighbor posts) are chomping at the bit and driving to places like Napoleon Ohio, which is a couple hours away (and has a beautiful courthouse). I have to wonder if those folks are taking spaces away from Ohio residents?

I think this nitsy-bitsy business of registering with pharmacies, etc. is not the way to go. When I was something like 10, the powers that be decided that EVERYONE needed a polio booster “shot”. Except it wasn’t a shot, it was a sugar cube. I’m not sure who mobilized the whole thing but my family enthusiastically joined pretty much every family in Sault Ste. Siberia down at the National Guard Armory to line up for our oral vaccine.

This kind of mass vaccination effort is what is needed EVERYWHERE to get our population vaccinated. The Orange Baboon trumpets his Operation Warp Speed thingy as something wonderful that he did. But. Why did the Baboonian administration not build the INFRASTRUCTURE needed to deliver shots into as many arms as possible as quickly as possible?

Oh, okay. I guess COVID didn’t happen during Infrastructure Week…

P.S. I was just mashing potatoes while listening to somebody sing about doing the Mashed Potato dance from way back when.

2 Responses to “New socks”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember standing in a long line in a school cafeteria to get the polio sugar cube. I can continue to hunker(and will) but feel more comfortable being around my mom now that she is vaccinated and I’m halfway there. Love the socks. I don’t drink any of that stuff, but if I had to, I would choose bourbon over vodka in a heartbeat.

  2. Paulette Says:

    Oh, the sugar cube! Now I remember. Hundreds of yellow school busses lined up at the health department. We were fortunate to get our second Pfizer vaccine on February 2. Kudos to the Chippewa County Health department. Walgrreens currently carries the vaccine. I am amazed at the availability of it. But we do have a small population….