I can see St. Petersburg on the inter-tubes

Am I flinging again? I think I’m flinging again. Fingers crossed that today was not an aberration.

I’ve had some big ideas about getting back into flinging but two problems (well, besides random pandemic emotional weirdness) have had me stymied for the last year. One is that I am down to the point where I don’t *personally* have a lot left to fling. I was pretty direct about getting rid of a whole bunch of biz-caz clothing pretty much when I learned that we would NEVER be going back to Cubelandia. I still have a lot of possessions but, for example, I am pretty sure I am not finished with fiber arts. That’s another area of life that I’ve struggled with getting back into but we’ll save that for another day.

So what do I so with the stuff OTHER people own that’s in my house? I can’t really get rid of the GG’s stuff but I did manage to make a deal of sorts with another person who is still storing stuff here after college and a subsequent series of rental housing units. This is NOT a complaint. This is a person who is completely independent from her parents but, being a “creative type”, has a fair amount of stuff (mostly clothing) and The Landfill has been a stable place to store it. So the deal is that I am gonna bag things up bit by bit in my beautiful Plum Market curbside grocery bags and dole it out to her a bag at a time.

And then there are the photos… I am not quiiiite ready to deal with our own photos yet and we won’t go near my digital photos for now although they are a MESS! I am starting with my family’s photos. Oh, don’t panic. I’m not indiscriminately throwing all of them out. But yaknow? I don’t need to save umpteen bazillion CRAPPY photos of my parents’ trips to Europe when they were in their 70s.

They took multiple “elder” trips to Europe organized by college or elder hostel organizations. That was a GREAT thing and they always had a good time. They took a gazillion pics. They had some kind of crappy film camera. That was okay. Neither one of them were photography aficionados and they almost always lived well beneath their means.

But. The scenery and historic buildings I can easily find on the internet. There are very few decent photos of my parents (I did save a few). There are a LOT of photooos of the other people in their travel group. I know they were wonderful friends but I have absolutely no relationship of any sort to any of them.

So I emptied the Russia/Scandinavia album today and looking toward what to target next.

The stuffed aminals will be the hardest to fling. I have thought of this before but COVID squelched it but maybe if COVID ever goes away, we’ll do a stuffed aminal adoption day some nice day in our driveway. Freeeeeee aminal(s) to any kid who wants one! Or ten…

P.S. Thanks to my blahggy friend Margaret (and her MOM!) for helping me find the strength to start dealing with all those crappy old photoooos.

One Response to “I can see St. Petersburg on the inter-tubes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’re welcome! My mom is pretty vicious at getting rid of photos. I need to hit my garage and deal with Patt’s pictures. They were mostly scenery and I’m fine getting rid of them but it will be time consuming (and emotional) to go through all of them. Hence the 8 year procrastination.