Technical difficulties

We lost power for 4-5 hours today. How did I know that the power went down? Well, it was NOT because the lights went out. At least not that I noticed. It was a bright bright bri-i-ight sun-shiny day and the only lights I had on were the blue twinkle lights across the living room. They don’t really show up in bright sunshine so I didn’t notice when they went off. A little string of LEDs across the top of the cabinets in the chitchen did NOT go out.

What alerted me to the power outage is that Gertrude started to beep and flash like crazy. WHAT is THAT? I couldn’t figure out how to turn all of that racket off. I finally figgered out that I would have to hit the circuit breaker to get all of that stuff to STOP!!! I flipped the light switch to light the Landfill Dungeon and it didn’t come on… Hmmm… Eventually I figured out that we were in a weird brown-out situation. Some lights would come on sorta. My phone charging station was working. I do not know the rhyme or reason behind what was working and what was not.

We do have a generator but the GG is outta town and I have no clue how to get that thing connected and going. Plus I am no wimp but it is HEAVY and I am quite daunted about schlepping it up the Dungeon stairs and outside.

The GG (who I called in a panic about Gertrude’s “fit” before I figgered out brown-out) was worried about me. Are you warm enough? Hmmm… It was 55 degrees outside and brilliantly sunny? Actually I was almost tooooo warm but I knew it would be cold tonight, into the 20s. And then there’s the whole how to keep my phone charged overnight and what to do with the frozen tamale order that came today plus all the other stuff in the freezer. At what point do I mobilize myself and get it all into a raccoon-proof cooler outside the back door?

All’s well that ends well and the power came back on late in the afternoon and I womaned up and turned Gertrude’s circuit breaker back on. I think I expected her to blow up or something but so far she is fine, over her seizure, and quietly heating up leftover salmon and rice for me.

A little disclaimer here… Our power company has a wonderful app that you can use to report outages and get updates on when they expect to have the problem fixed. I got pretty regular texts via that throughout the afternoon and although they finished a bit later than their original estimate, knock on wood we’re all good now.

My blahg also went down for a bit this afternoon, independently of the power outage. It was the GG(!) who alerted me to that, which was surprising because he can go days and days without reading it🐽 Anyway, The Guru had it fixed in a jiffy. I hope he (The Guru) knows how much I appreciate his technical expertise, service, and FRIENDSHIP.

The pic is from a several day power outage a few years ago. We did have the generator running then and since we had heat, water, a gas grill to cook on and, uh, phone chargers, it was kinda toooo much fun, like luxury camping.

One Response to “Technical difficulties”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do NOT like power outages at all, but Patt found them to be an adventure. He could run the generator, the camp stove and all the other gadgets that I don’t like to bother with. Although John is like Patt in that he’s extremely capable, he prefers the comforts of electricity. Glad they got it working again in a reasonable time frame!