Corned beef and cabbage?

I’m sure I will reflect upon our COVID anniversary from time to time in the coming days but only when my thoughts are somewhat organized. They aren’t today so we’ll talk about food instead.

So the GG peered at me this afternoon and asked, “corned beef and cabbage?” I peered back at him and queried whether he expected meeeee to make corned beef and cabbage for St. Paddy’s Day. Because noooooo. I think my main ideas about how to celebrate the green day up until that point involved draping Froggy with his green Mardi Gras style beads, including the ones with the big lips, and posting a pic.

I have tried to cook corned beef a few times in my life. It did not go well. I supposedly have some Irish DNA (I have not done any of those tests) but apparently it didn’t transmit an innate ability to cook corned beef. The GG then kinda volunteered to cook corned beef. Um, he *may* have more Irish DNA than I do but I don’t think he knows anything more about cooking corned beef than I do. Plus it kind of drives me a little crazy to have him rattling around in the chitchen. Breakfast and preparing things for the grill are fine. Other stuff not so much. Rattly-bang-crash.

I knew that the Plum Market was offering take-home St. Pat’s dinners and PDQ I was online showing him a St. Patrick’s Day corned beef dinner for two. He’s picking it up on Tuesday. Yes that’s a day early. It’s okay. We have modern refrigeration here. This way I don’t have to TRY to cook corned beef and I don’t have to eat whatever he ends up with, which may or may not be any good. I dunno what the Plum does with corned beef but it’s gotta be better than what I do with it.

After all that, I checked out facebook and there was a thread the Uncly Uncle started about Pepe Le Pew a few days ago. Pepe is an obnoxious skunk cartoon character from our childhood days in case you aren’t familiar. The original post was about the “cancel culture”, which is a phrase that I don’t really understand but we won’t go there tonight except maybe that I wanted to cancel Pepe Le Pew when I was a child… What caught my eye in the meme the UU shared was Pepe Le Pew saying, “You are ze corned beef to me and I am ze cabbage to you”. Okaaaaayyyy. So that’s what got the GG going on corned beef and cabbage🐽

One Response to “Corned beef and cabbage?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like corned beef only if it’s not super fatty. I love cabbage, but it doesn’t love me. Goodness, is it already nearly mid-March? Yikes.