The beginning of the end (for now💩) of the Orange Baboon

I know a lot of people are writing about today being the one year anniversary of the pandemic lockdown but it isn’t exactly the anniversary for me although it was close.

TWO years ago today, I threw my full sink-side compost container into the GARBAGE. Why? Well. The compost bin was in the back right corner of the yard, kinda behind that big tree (it’s since been moved, hence “was”). Our yard was covered with glare ice with a couple inches of water on top of that. It was all too much for me even with Yaks or Katoolas. Nope. Not goin’ out there. I was telling MMCB1 about that this morning. She doesn’t remember the ice we had that March because she was whooping it up in Australia on her annual trip there, oblivious to all of our slip-slidin’ away here on the Planet Ann Arbor.

ONE year ago, MMCB1 was scrambling to get HOME (early) from her *2020* trip to Australia and I was nervously standing in line waiting to vote (blue) in the Michigan presidential primary. We knew the virus was amongst us but who knew where. I always vote EARLY (I mean early in the morning! “early voting” has taken on a whole new meaning since then). I was third in line that day. We were all keeping a pretty good three feet away from each other, which was the recommendation at the time and avoiding talking about the virus. Santa Claus was outside the door welcoming everyone in and, well, you can read about it if you want. I did NOT want ORANGE to win and so was nervous about that as well as the virus. But I voted and then I commuted to work – at Cubelandia.

When I look back on this date in 2020, I know that it was the beginning of the end of the Baboonian Reign of Idiocracy. Unfortunately, I don’t think the OB or his wannabes are gone forever plus now we have this gun-totin’ screamin’ mimi from Georgia in the House along with some of her quieter but equally as ignorant cronies. I often wish for more women to attain positions of leadership. In this case, it’s a reminder to be careful what you wish for 👀

It was weeks later that I learned some young essential workers I know had been experiencing COVID-like symptoms since about that election day. But who knows? It was almost impossible to get tests then and they weren’t able to. If it was COVID, their cases were mild with no long-haul crapola, thank you zeus or whoever.

P.S. Apologies to my childhood/FB friend Mimi who I doubt reads this but she is ANYTHING but a screamin’ mimi. Highly intelligent and always gracious with a wonderful sense of humor🧡

One Response to “The beginning of the end (for now💩) of the Orange Baboon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A year ago seems like eons in the past and a whole different universe. I am sick to death of the lack of fact checking, the conspiracy theories and the general shady shenanigans of the GQP.