Sun Dog randomness

I didn’t see any sun dogs today although I certainly have seen them in my lifetime. They happen in extremely cold temperatures and they can be spectacular so do The Google if you are interested.

It’s meeeee who is the Sun Dog. We have had a LOT of sun lately (more than usual) and decently warm temps so I carefully plan how and when to move TeleCubelandia outside for a bit. The back yard is blindingly bright in the morning but doesn’t warm up until mid-afternoon and by that time the sun doesn’t shine on the “lee” of the house. First world problems. And BTW, the “S” word is in the forecast. This is the Great Lake State and it’s winter.

I don’t really think about the British royals (or any celebrities) much. I have mixed feelings about the whole “break-up”. On the one hand, talking about suicidal thoughts should NOT be taboo and maybe if a celebrity discusses them on TV it will help others. I don’t really know because I have never experienced depression, not to mention suicidal thoughts. Short-term bouts of “blues” is about the extent of it for me and WALKING usually fixes me right up. But also. The British royals are who they are and I’m not sure M&H were being realistic if they thought she would “fit in” or whatever. They should have enough cash to survive on with or without the support of the family business but I do wish them well. To the minimal extent that I DO follow the British royals, I guess I was hoping for a different outcome. Oh well.

I had other complaints to post but I can’t remember them now, except that Mr. COVID Mohawk got a letter from the Secretary of State yesterday and since it was addressed to HIM, I did not open it. It turned out that it was the usual vee-hickle license tab renewal but the letter came in a different form factor and I didn’t recognize it. I ALWAYS renew the license tabs but this time heeeee did it and suddenly there was a crazy-haired mad scientist looking person in my chitchen talking about what an ordeal he had just gone through to renew our vee-hickles. Oh my. Back in the late 1990s (yes really), this online process was pretty easy. It is now (unbelievably) more difficult but I always manage to bludgeon my way through it. I am a business analyst who designs user experience stuff for a living. I think the state needs to hire some business analysts (like meeeee) to design their user interface. Well, except not meeee because I am happy working for TeleCubelandia.

One Response to “Sun Dog randomness”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve seen a sun dog one time and it was magical. It’s still plenty early enough for snow, even here. We’ve gotten some in April, but it’s rare. My opinion of Meghan is unpopular, so I won’t share it. I would be surprised if they stay married, I’m not shocked that they ended up in California(I think that was her plan from the get go), and I don’t know that Harry can be completely happy away from his family and the culture he was brought up in. I think Meghan is an excellent actor. And that’s all I’ll say about that except that there are two sides to every story.