Aaaaaahhhh (pick your inflection)

One way to say it is in the absolute horror of having something show up in your chitchen that smells SO HORRIBLE that you find yourself running to the bathroom because your gag reflex is threatening to kick in and you want to be right next to the terlet just in case. It was okay. I managed to control it. It helped that we had temperatures in the low 60s today so I could open the bathroom window and let some fresh air in.

Where did this smell come from? It turned out to be what caused the warshing musheen first world problem the other day. An unidentifiable cloth item got stuck somewhere and stayed there long enough to get, well, icky, to put it mildly. It was not a mask but it has me thinking I should put masks in a mesh bag to wash them because it was about the size of a mask. Whatever it was, the warshing musheen is fixed now (darn it!🐽) (or not) and the offensive item is in the garbage cart OUTSIDE, zipped into a ziploc bag. The chitchen window is open and the fan is on. I can still smell it but I think I’m okay now. Also, I am about to put meatloaf in the oven and that should provide further help with masking the smell.

The other inflection for aaaaaahhh is how good it feels to sit out in some actual warm sunshine. 63 or whatever it was does not feel all that warm at this time of year if you are not moving and I wasn’t because I was working on my laptop. Still, I didn’t need a balaclava or a blanket and Mr. Golden Sun felt sooooo good.

P.S. No, the warshing musheen is apparently NOT FIXED yet. Stay tuned. (Not that you care or should care.) And don’t worry. If we need a new one, we can buy one.

One Response to “Aaaaaahhhh (pick your inflection)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ewww. I’m glad you could air out the place without freezing. It’s been chilly here at night, but OK during the day. (50?) I can’t believe you beat us temperature-wise! Hoping for good things from the machine, which could be a newfangled one with all the bells and whistles.