Vapor Trails Paper Jails

Randomly looked out my front window and WOW! Paper jails! We used to call them vapor trails when I was a kid. Do we call them contrails now? I dunno. One of our childhood beach friends called them “paper jails” when we were young, mishearing the words, I guess. I wasn’t always a very, uh, nice child and I teased her about that. I wish I could apologize to her but she died a number of years ago.

It’s Sunday and I was home alone because the GG is trying to hike as much of the Ohio NCT as possible before it gets hot and buggy. I am okay with being home alone. Although I am old enough to retaaaar, I have resisted it because “I married you for better or worse but not for lunch”. (Also I love my cozy little career and the nice chunk of change that comes with it.) The pandemic has given me a taste of a 24-7 marriage and I am not a fan. I don’t think the GG is either.

I went for a Ninja ride this morning. My destination was Swan Corners and I eventually got there (no swans though) but not until my Ninja took me over to Cubelandia. My company still leases the building but that will end in a couple months. I am kind of amazed that despite YEARS of empty office/lab space in our office park and more since the pandemic, a nearby field has now sprouted the steel bones of a big office/lab (?) building. I KNOW the pandemic will end (someday, maybe) but so many of us have demonstrated our ability to run complex businesses online FROM ANYWHERE. Does it not make sense to hold off on erecting huge new buildings? Who will work there?

Oh man, I miss the geese. I made the turn into Cubelandia today and almost immediately had to brake because Mr. Gander was looking at me like he was ready to step into HIS road. Although there is plenty of wildlife to watch here at the Landfill, I miss watching the Cubelandia wildlife, especially the yearly life cycle of the geese.

2 Responses to “Vapor Trails Paper Jails”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It seems like people are moving away from the downtowns since they can work from home. (indefinitely?) I wonder what they will do with that building. I didn’t have a 24/7 marriage either; Patt and I would not have enjoyed that. He needed a lot of space and I was fine with that. John and I also have more of a couple times a week get together type relationship which works well for two independent people. Also he likes to watch a lot of TV and YouTube videos whereas I do not.

  2. Isa Says: