1st world problems number umpteen bazillion

The Landfill warshing musheen is down in a “corner” of the Landfill Dungeon. This warshing musheen is fine until it isn’t. It was NOT fine today.

This warshing musheen was purchased the same weekend the Planet Ann Arbor’s third high school — Sky[line] High — was finished and open for the public to visit. And we did visit it. It was so big it almost made me dizzy but we’ll go there some other day.

I put a small load in this morning, ate breakfast, started in on chores, went to get curbside grocks, took a little river ride. Came back thinking the warshing musheen would be done. Not. H-F-H-F flash flash flash. I’ve seen that behavior before but don’t know how to fix it. This time I couldn’t even figger out how to turn it off! Anyway.

I can do laundry pretty much any place as long as there is water and some kind of soap. So I dragged all of the wet stuff from the stalled warshing musheen upstairs and I double warshed most of it and then I put it all in the dryer FOREVER.

The GG will most likely fix this warshing musheen but there’s a part of me that hopes he won’t be able to because I really want a warshing musheen that texts me when it’s done (like my dryer does). The warsher does do a weak little beep beep beep when it’s done but it’s very hard to hear unless you are in exactly the right place upstairs. I do usually hear the spin cycle. I didn’t today. Which ended up meaning the musheen wasn’t working.

Back in the day, I’d’ve schlepped everything off to a laundromat. Can’t do that with COVID.

Sometime during the afternoon after chores, I went outside with my rumpl blanket (gifted), my iPhone (book), and a glass of whine. I hung out there until after the sun sunk over the Landfill.

One Response to “1st world problems number umpteen bazillion”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My appliances are all very old and they’ll be crapping out any time soon. Patt used to work on them but our laundry room is small, so it made it a painful experience to try to wrestle with the misbehaving appliance.