Valve shelves

This was a year ago today. It was a Thursday and I stopped at the Saline Road Meijer on my way home from work for a few things and I mean a few. I remember the days when I shopped (with small children) twice a week and bought tons of stuff including two packs of stickers for the older beach urchin who certainly had me well trained. In recent years, I do not shop like that. How I do shop (even pre-COVID) would be too long for this post.

In this pic there are still some Clorox wipes in stock. I did not buy any. I do not know why. I had some? I can always get more? Right? I learned to ration Clorox wipes PDQ. One per day on the terlet rim (TMI?). I somehow can’t bring myself to use a reusable cleaning implement on the terlet rim. Even though my terlet rim gets swabbed EVERY DAY, something about that grosses me out.

This was probably a GOOD thing. Clorox wipes are made from FABRIC (if I understand accurately) and therefore probably do not degrade as quickly in landfills as other substances. One day (after COVID began) I couldn’t find my one canister of Clorox wipes. Turned out the GG was in the back yard using Clorox wipes with wild abandon to clean some apparatus or implement. NO NO NO NO NO! We can’t buy those now.

For months and months and months, Clorox wipes were unavailable from Amazon. I used to check just for fun. “Only available for health care facilities.” Mouse got me some 7th Generation wipes (which are FINE!) from Plum (and some TP). Eventually I scored some wipes on Amazon (but not sure what I paid for them, probably beaucoup bucks) and they are now a bit easier to get and I have some on order that might be delivered next week.

I have learned to clean things (except for the terlet rim) via other stuff and that’s a good thing.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was worried about TP(2 bidets in my house now), and hand sanitizer. I’m not a user of the Clorox wipes, so I donated the ones that Ashley and Ryan gave me in New York to our local hospital. They were short of them.