A washerwoman goes to church

forgetmenotsAt least that’s how I was dressed! Honestly, when I packed threw a bunch of raggy old clothes into my moldy old duffel bag, you can bet that church clothes were not on my mind. Ski jacket? You betcha! And scarves and gloves and polartech socks? Ummm-hmmm. And I wore those polartech socks to church today, yesiree! It’s dern cold up here, don’tcha know?

To my twitter friends, the church is a United Methodist church and it is my childhood church. We went today because they had a small ceremony honoring Grandroobly and other people for whom the church had received memorial donations. The Commander received a handwritten invitation to attend “with her loved ones”. And so we went. Polartech socks and all. As always, I was a bit twitchy about having to sit there for so long but I survived and I didn’t even text anyone or twitter after the service began.

And then it was over and after we extricated ourselves from the clutches of The Commander’s fans, we made our way to Woll-Mort, where I felt much better about my clothing, although I admit to being green with envy when I saw the woman with the beautiful hot pink hair and outfit to match. The Comm got a cute little powershot camera, which I am sure she plans to employ in starting her own blahg so she can post uglies of yer fav-o-rite blahgger. At least it is pink so The Comm won’t mix it up with *my* trusty old powershot.

I could go on but I’m typing on my phone again and it’s getting old. I went over to our northern correspondent’s house to steal her wifi today but it was way more fun to cackle around with her than blahg, so here I am. And then I got a ride home on a Gator, which I was much better dressed for than church.

Oh, click on the pic for more.

4 Responses to “A washerwoman goes to church”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Strangely enough, we did not get to church today. The ‘Reservation’ will have to wait……We were kept up way too late last night to attend services this morning…. 🙂

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    Purty pix of wildflowers, et. al.!!!

    My trusty ol’ Powershot is in Illinois with a certain archaeologist/physical anthropologist… her camera is “buried somewhere with her college stuff” and I haven’t a CLUE where to start hunting for it. It apparently requires a BASE to connect to computer and recharging and we didn’t know that when we bought the bloody thing.

    Guess maybe I’ll have to see if the Canon G3 is resurrectable (the battery is probably kaput) – problem is, that thing is HUGE. The Engineer got it (just HAD to HAVE it, dontchaknow), then decided once he started using it, that it was a disappointment :-/ and pretty much abandoned it for the cute little Powershots. But never did anything to recoup the reeeedunkulus cost of the G3. And I prefer “point & shoot” myself (OMG – I really hope the G3 isn’t a digital *SLR*! If it is, I’m a GONER).

  3. Margaret Says:

    You typed all of this on a PHONE!! I’m amazed. I get twitchy in church too-can’t help myself.

  4. grandmothertrucker Says:

    When I was a kid at HL, people wore long johns and their snomobile helmets sat on the seat next to them at church. ( they rode snomobiles to church, and even wore their snomobile suits, unzipped halfway down, so you can see their long johns on underneath! ) I bet kids had bathing suits on in the summer too. Texting and twittering in church?! wow….. ok, times change….. Anne, do you leave your skiis and poles outside or bring them in? Maybe they should install racks at church for those. Heck, they designated parking spaces for the snomobiles.

    I just got my laptop fixed, picked it up from Best Buy, downloaded my pictures from my camera, deleted them from the camera, and THEN they disappeared off my laptop.

    I am pulling out my hair now…..

    I just wish I was a kid again. Life was so much easier when I wore my bathing WET AND SANDY suit and they made me sit on a little white cold kids metal folding chair in a very cool cottage and watch man land on the moon….. on a tiny 13 inch black and white tv, with a ton of kids (siblings) around me. I just wanted to go swimming. So what if man was landing on the moon, right? Come to think of it, I remember wearing my bathing suit to church ( yes, under my clothes ) …. and long underwear in the winter. Me and the Gumper didn’t wear helmets, but we were trudging in and out of there in huge snomobile boots too. I remember the church floor being all wet and Father Whoever asking those with wet boots to sit in the back of the church for the sake of the janitor. We were going on a “Safari” to Elbow Lake Bar for red hots and beer/pop right after church. Wasn’t everybody?

    When my mother was there, when we were very little, we wore a sunday dress, hats and gloves to church. Suzie and I always had matching dresses. She got baby blue, and I always got pink. I just don’t know how she did it. 10 little indians, and then some, every Sunday…… then we got ice cream after church. We were not supposed to eat before mass.

    Anyway…… Here’s to Grandroobly and the Engineer too…. So well liked and missed, that they are still having memorials for them… how nice. I don’t think either of them would mind what you were wearing. I bet your not the only one with a cell phone in church either. Times sure do change…….