Just don’t get your tongue stuck!

Trust me. It is never a good idea to get your tongue stuck. Especially when you are on a “vacation”, like the one I was supposedly on for the last five days. Froggy’s quick and dirty little video might give you an idea of about how I feel right now. Will somebody please invent some kind of little booth that I can step into with all of my cosmic debris, press a button, and emerge in the northcountry (or vice versa). Captain Kirk? Dumbledore? Where are y’all? Anyway. Earth to Kayak Woman… To the driver of the blue minivan from the Naylor dealership on the Planet Ann Arbor: I’m glad the po-leese saw yer reckless driving. I wonder if I know you. You are *not* my boss, he has a different license plate. To the driver of the big ugly silver SUV-type thing: er, never mind, this blahg is G-rated. To the I75 SUV Speedway construction gods: THANK YOU for not closing the blasted Zilwaukee Bridge! And seriously, it *was* all fun but what a whirlwind! And I left my blasted UFP up there! I wonder what I should do on my next “vacation”. ;-] Teach vacation bible school? Naw, probably not. Anyway, whatever you do, do not get your tongue stuck. Or did I already mention that?

2 Responses to “Just don’t get your tongue stuck!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m dizzy now, even though my tongue isn’t stuck. I don’t have any drivers to swear at–I wished for fewer of them on the road Friday, but most were decent.

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    Well, you left your UFP up there ON PURPOSE, so now you have to go back up there to work on it 🙂